Wayne Rooney the Pawn

Wayne Rooney the Pawn Wayne Rooney is a well-known football player for England largest group, Manchester UTD. suprisingly 1 of his television prgrammes, teaching youngsters how to player football, he has the “All Viewing eye” behind his head Check out my home boy Farhank501’s edition with a thorough evaluation, www.youtube.com Respect to Everybody!!!

  1. SiameseDream002

    This is retarded. Dr.Freemason…do you specialize in stupidity and gullibility?

  2. TheUtd18

    ah non non! wayne rooney non je n’arrive pas a y croire.. je veux plus de preuves moi!

  3. andersen781

    u guys have alot of time on ur hands come on dont believe every thing u hear u nutts

  4. L00kingGIass

    Nice eye seeing that no pun intended
    also anyone know the name of this tune? and who it is by?

  5. SLASHER3527

    @drewstarr71 little legs mason sports its every whare now

  6. fifa10mj

    Salam, Doc, make a video on manu club !!! Why dey call demsevez red devilz ???

  7. HE1CREW

    ok i believe in illuminati but fukin graffers that against this shit spray and make that shit on the walls so wtf

  8. izziekhan

    lol i support man u.
    i seen this shit. creepy

  9. kb92530

    @drfreemason theres a carling advert broadcasted here maybe in america too in a freemason hall you should check them you may know things about em i dont

  10. kb92530

    also any americas may not know there is another top club called arsenal and they have recently built a new youth academy worth millions and on the news broadcast about it there is a big fucking pyramid on the main glass front with another freaky logo crossing it and it looks like an eye inside it …….. goes without saying what i thought straight away !!

  11. Malossi000

    leute jedes dieser videos ist gleich…
    ein auge erscheint es wird auf 5min gestreckt dann kommen noch ein paar bilder mit der pyramide rein und fertig ist ein video das beweist das alle illuminaten sind.
    das ist schon so lahm und ausgelutscht.
    wenn ihr trotzdem jeden tag 10 solchzer videos anschaun wollt macht es ruhig ihr könntet aber auch euch selbst weiterbilden

  12. alifico


  13. CmoreBuhts

    @H0wlinPelleAlmqvist make videos to move the subject on then lol. ive seen new hit out there that disgusts me but i mostly talk about it in the streets , i dont make videos ><

  14. RebeccaFarquharson

    Don’t tell me that is why he has grown a beard; thinks he a fucking night of the fucking temple?

  15. MiscVeracity

    @H0wlinPelleAlmqvist Totally agree! Just today i found out that Glastonbury is actually set up on a ‘leyline’; a site of ancient historical importance/spiritual energy… bt it wasnt a whole lotta info. I’d love to see more about that coz am thinkin now that festivals must b another way of getting masses in one place to perform rituals n wat not… i.e. eminem’ll b up at TITP this year callin himself ‘rainman’… the crowds CHANT this sh*t!

  16. bloodocean07

    not too hate or disprove anything, but do you think someone put the all seeing eye before he even showed up there?

  17. befreier1

    hey doc,
    could you please use less repetitiveness. i mean in quite a lot of your videos you stretch a subject to five minutes long when it only needs to be about 1 or 2. not sure if you’re just trying to make it THAT obvious or if you believe you are catering to people who just don’t get it that well.

  18. daggerinu64

    people need to stop making excuses for the people they think they know because they dont know you or care about you the camera man and the cast set up the station set in that spot and he stood under it but thats coincidence smh

  19. Prohumani

    man man…..auch wenn es nur kurz zu sehen ist, so ist es dort. und indoktriniert unterbewusst. kranke scheisse
    thanks to dr. freemason 🙂

  20. 82Bdog

    @sufipowuh That’s what I think too. He may have had nothing to do with that

  21. H0wlinPelleAlmqvist

    With all do respect we need to move on, every video is repeats, adidas, jay z, rihanna, beyonce they’re all exposed!

    Check out the arctic monkeys they gotta six six six in one of their videos, an actual hidden 666!

    also look at glatonsbury its a pyramid with a light on top where bands perform!

  22. KRITICALConscious

    @drfreemason You got it on the money…
    Similarities to “Madden Curse”??
    Let’s call this one the “FIFA Cover Curse”
    Rooney (2010 Cover) did HORRIBLE this year at the Cup and….
    Ronaldinho (2006&2009 Cover) was totally left off the Brazilian roster this Cup season.

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