Wayne Rooney Excited With His England Farewell

Wayne Rooney has stated that he feels honored to make the final appearance as an England player. Also, he expresses his gratitude for manager Gareth Southgate for deciding his playtime against the United States. The former star from Manchester United interview and showed his excitement earning the 120th cap for his team at the farewell match. This was a friendly match against the US at Wembley Stadium.

Rooney has commented that playing on the squad for the match while checking some of the old teammates, meeting the coaching staff, seeing Gareth and then playing at Wembley for the last time in his life is certainly going to be a great moment for him.
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Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney has denied claims that he would return to Europe for some more action during the Major League Soccer off-season. The former England skipper has been prolific since moving to the United States to feature for DC United.

He arrived July, and has helped the club from bottom of the Eastern Conference to a play-off spot. Rooney’s 12 goals have been crucial to DC as they gather 39 points within that period. Ahead of the regular season finale against Chicago Fire on Sunday, there have been strong rumours that the former Everton man would want some game time in the league’s offseason, especially as he is in-form.

Wayne Rooney –Cristiano Ronaldo can win the Champions League for Juventus

Former Manchester United star Wayne Rooney believes Juventus should have a strong chance of winning the Champions League this term, now that Cristiano Ronaldo has joined them. The Portuguese superstar made the shock move to the Bianconeri from Real Madrid last month and there has since been plenty of talk of Juventus’ European prospects.

Speaking to ESPN FC, Rooney spoke positively about the impact Ronaldo could make in Turin and believes the Bianconeri can win the Champions League with the Portuguese leading the line, he said: “He’ll do what he’s been doing for the last 10 years, he’ll bring goals to Juventus and I fancy Juventus to win the Champions League this year solely for the fact Cristiano has gone there. As a person he’s a nice guy, a family guy, works hard and he’s always got his family around him which is great to see. He works hard and deserves all the credit he gets because he’s put that effort in to be at the top.”
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The continental body for football in Europe, UEFA, is reportedly planning video access for medical staff so they could review potential concussions. This is part of the post Champions League blues that has continued even as the World Cup draws nigh.

There appears to be have been a collision between Liverpool’s Loris Karius and Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos. It seems the collision led to a concussion for Karius and purportedly had a hand in the keeper’s errors.

The new system being proposed would allow medical staff on the sidelines review potential concussions, which is similar to the Head Injury Assessment in the Rugby Union. The Premier League has been tackling the issue of concussion over the years. They became the first league in 2016 to allow tablets access so staff could review potentially disturbing incidents. UEFA is now towing that path.

The updated UEFA guidelines in 2014 allows a game to be stopped for up to three minutes so medical staff could do a head injury assessment and decide if a player can continue. Head injury experts have been pursuing for more attention to head injuries. The Medical team that assessed Karius post Champions League final said it was possible that the collision with Ramos affected Karius. There have been continued reactions with the way the game ended, with discussions about the mistakes still on.

Meanwhile Ramos, who is twice the villain now as he was accused to have intentionally dislocated the shoulder of Mohammed Salah or at least seeking to intentionally hurt him, and making Karius concussed, has responded to the claims. The Spain captain said the claims were outlandish.

“I see the play well, he grabs my arm first and I fell to the other side, the injury happened to the other arm and they said that I gave him a judo hold. After the goalkeeper said that I dazed him with a clash. I am only missing Firmino saying that he got a cold because a drop of my sweat landed on him.”

Firmino responded from a pre-World Cup training camp in London, labeling Ramos as “an idiot” for such claims. Others have also waded in like Chelsea and Belgium keeper Thibaut Courtoiswho said he doubts the concussion stories as it seemed Liverpool were making excuses for the defeat. He explained that within the space that Karius made the mistakes, he also made two amazing saves.

For now Liverpool have responded by adding players and trying to increase their squad depth ahead of the new season as they continue the search for a title under Jurgen Kloop.

Rooney disappointed with defeat

Everton forward Wayne Rooney is disappointed with the defeat against Tottenham Hotspurs.

He believes that his team should have played better and caused the London side more problems but unfortunately, this did not happen.

The former Manchester United player believes that Everton has the resources to challenge against teams in the top six and that they need to believe in themselves. He admitted that there is still a lot of work to do in order for them to reach the levels of teams such as Tottenham Hotspurs.

Wayne Rooney said that it is not good enough to sign players and that you need to play as a team. At the moment he believes that Everton is playing like a bunch of individuals rather than a team. He said that they need to spend more time on the training ground to make sure that they play better. Continue reading “Rooney disappointed with defeat”


Embattled Manchester United star Wayne Rooney is believed to be considering a special arrangement with the club that would see his pay demands reduced considerably.

The club is grappling with the huge financial implications of maintaining the team so the player would need to agree with the current realities or consider a move.

Rooney was poised to head to his boyhood club Everton to help manager Ronald Koeman with his plans. However, such talks have quickly died down with the player insisting on remaining with United. Even if it were to resume, the Toffees might not be able to pay for such a player even if his current wage demands is halved.

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Manchester United played yet another draw when they clashed with Swansea City in the Premier League. Wayne Rooney was handed a rare start but he failed to inspire the team to success.

Rooney, 31, has scored seven times this season and the skipper insists that he has a part to play in the team experience-wise but we did not get much of a feel of it when they hosted the Swans.

With Zlatan Ibrahimovic sidelined, Marcus Rashford led the attack. Rooney was the man in front of the midfield but he failed to help the attack, touching the ball just three times in the penalty area of the opponents in the first 80 minutes.

Rashford was accused of diving as Swansea goalkeeper Lukas Fabianski came out to stop his attempt. As the keeper lunged forward, the striker fell to the ground too easy with no or minimal contact. The referee, who had limited view of the whole incidence, being behind, ruled in favour of a penalty kick which Rooney converted. The all-time goalscorer for the club became the first Red Devils star to score 20 Premier League penalty kicks. Continue reading “ROONEY FAILS TO INSPIRE UNITED TEAM AGAINST SWANSEA”

Thierry Henry gives his advice to Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney has gone from being the star of Manchester United to being a player who has been dropped to the bench on a regular basis and this is something that never happened in the previous seasons unless he was injured or any other really good reason but now with the arrival of ZlatanIbrahimovic and Jose Mourinho, Wayne Rooney is seeing time on the sidelines despite being fully fit.

The 31 year old player is currently in an awkward position as Rooney has to decide to whether or not to stay in Manchester United where his role and importance in the Premier League club has seriously diminished in comparison to previous seasons.

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Rooney will not break record

Former Newcastle United and England international Alan Shearer said that he does not think that Wayne Rooney will be able to break his record in the Premier League.

Alan Shearer has scored 260 goals in the Premier League, and Wayne Rooney has currently scored only 194 goals in the Premier League.

Nowadays Rooney plays more in a midfield position, and it might be difficult for him to get enough goal opportunities that will allow him to overtake Alan Shearer’s record.

The former Newcastle striker said that he sincerely believed that Wayne Rooney would be the one to break his record but the Manchester United striker has failed to reach this mark. He said that Wayne Rooney has even failed to come near to the record.

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United can win title according to Rooney

Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney believes that his team can still challenge for the title.

He said that the team is still developing and that they are constantly improving. He believes that the performance that they made at Anfield is a demonstration of how the team is progressing and following Mourinho’s instructions.

Wayne Rooney said that most pundits were expecting Manchester United to have a bad time at Anfield, but instead they made a good performance and restricted Liverpool to only a few chances.

The England international believes that Manchester United has the necessary squad to challenge for the title and believes that the players are still learning how to play under Mourinho. He believes that the Portuguese manager is the right man to bring the club forward and that at the moment they need time.

He believes that it is still early in the season and that soon Manchester United will embark on a winning streak that will allow them to come back at the top of the table. Continue reading “United can win title according to Rooney”