Manchester United played yet another draw when they clashed with Swansea City in the Premier League. Wayne Rooney was handed a rare start but he failed to inspire the team to success.

Rooney, 31, has scored seven times this season and the skipper insists that he has a part to play in the team experience-wise but we did not get much of a feel of it when they hosted the Swans.

With Zlatan Ibrahimovic sidelined, Marcus Rashford led the attack. Rooney was the man in front of the midfield but he failed to help the attack, touching the ball just three times in the penalty area of the opponents in the first 80 minutes.

Rashford was accused of diving as Swansea goalkeeper Lukas Fabianski came out to stop his attempt. As the keeper lunged forward, the striker fell to the ground too easy with no or minimal contact. The referee, who had limited view of the whole incidence, being behind, ruled in favour of a penalty kick which Rooney converted. The all-time goalscorer for the club became the first Red Devils star to score 20 Premier League penalty kicks. Continue reading “ROONEY FAILS TO INSPIRE UNITED TEAM AGAINST SWANSEA”

Thierry Henry gives his advice to Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney has gone from being the star of Manchester United to being a player who has been dropped to the bench on a regular basis and this is something that never happened in the previous seasons unless he was injured or any other really good reason but now with the arrival of ZlatanIbrahimovic and Jose Mourinho, Wayne Rooney is seeing time on the sidelines despite being fully fit.

The 31 year old player is currently in an awkward position as Rooney has to decide to whether or not to stay in Manchester United where his role and importance in the Premier League club has seriously diminished in comparison to previous seasons.

The English player can choose to remain in Stamford Bridge or make a move to the Chinese Super League as he has turned into a summer target and it’s believed that those teams are willing to offload £35 million in order to entice Manchester United in releasing the veteran performer. Continue reading “Thierry Henry gives his advice to Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney”

Rooney will not break record

Former Newcastle United and England international Alan Shearer said that he does not think that Wayne Rooney will be able to break his record in the Premier League.

Alan Shearer has scored 260 goals in the Premier League, and Wayne Rooney has currently scored only 194 goals in the Premier League.

Nowadays Rooney plays more in a midfield position, and it might be difficult for him to get enough goal opportunities that will allow him to overtake Alan Shearer’s record.

The former Newcastle striker said that he sincerely believed that Wayne Rooney would be the one to break his record but the Manchester United striker has failed to reach this mark. He said that Wayne Rooney has even failed to come near to the record.

Alan Shearer said that it is becoming increasingly difficult for a single player to score so many goals in the Premier League as players are more mobile than in the past. Players barely stay at a single club, and this can make it nearly impossible for someone to break the record. Continue reading “Rooney will not break record”

Rooney Allowed Ibrahimovic to Take the Penalty – Jose Mourinho

José Mourinho has revealed that Wayne Rooney and Paul Pogba mutually agreed to let Zlatan Ibrahimovic take penalties.

The Swedish striker scored one of his two goals against Southampton from the penalty spot. It was a surprise to see the former Barcelona and Paris St Germain striker step up to take the penalty while Wayne Rooney was on the pitch. Since the exit of Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney has been the first choice penalty taker. This has led to rumours that Ibrahimovic had been exerting a lot of dominance in the dressing room.

Dismissing those rumours, Mourinho says that the decision to let Ibrahimovic take the penalty was taken after consultation with Rooney and Paul Pogba. The new world record signing is also capable of scoring from the penalty spot with great accuracy. Rooney would also have edged closer to Bobby Charlton’s record had he scored from the penalty spot. The 31-year-old now has 246 goals and is only three goals shy of matching the tally of club legend Bobby Charlton. Mourinho, though, says that the record will eventually be broken since Rooney has the quality and time with him.
Continue reading “Rooney Allowed Ibrahimovic to Take the Penalty – Jose Mourinho”

Rooney should remain as England captain

Former Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp believes that Wayne Rooney should continue as the England captain under Sam Allardyce. He believes that there is a lack of players that have leadership quality in the team at the moment and that Rooney is the most appropriate one.

There have been rumors since Monday when the new England manager has refused to confirm that Wayne Rooney will remain at the England captain. It is possible that Sam Allardyce believe that there is a lack of aggressiveness in the team and that he wants to change that by changing the captain. Although it might be a good idea on paper, it is important to consider which player to replace Wayne Rooney.

Harry Redknapp said that he is happy with the appointment of Sam Allardyce as the England manager and believes that the new manager has the necessary skills to take charge of England. However, he is a bit skeptical with his refusal to confirm Wayne Rooney as the captain. For Redknapp, he does not see any valuable alternative at the moment. The only way for Sam Allardyce to replace Wayne Rooney will be to convince John Terry to return to the team. The Chelsea player has already announced his retirement from international football and the new England manager will have to be quite convincing to get Terry back into the team. Continue reading “Rooney should remain as England captain”


Manchester United ace, Ander Herrera, says the club needs their embattled star player, Wayne Rooney.

He says they club as a whole is grateful to have Wayne Rooney in his corner as they head into the final make-or-break week of a demanding league season.

The Reds will leapfrog rivals Manchester City into fourth place in the English Premier League if an away win is achieved in the crucial game against West Ham on Tuesday. Herrera feels <a href=””>Rooney could be a key creative figure once again after his assist for Juan Mata’s winning goal at Norwich City on Saturday</a>.

The player told reporters:

“Wayne is a world-class player.

“He’s a very good captain and he’s not selfish, so you always have to have Wayne in the team and in the dressing room. Some of the big players are so selfish sometimes but Wayne isn’t and that’s so important,” he added.

Rooney played in the attack in the game against Norwich as Anthony Martial was injured in the warm-up.

“I know Marcus [Rashford] and Anthony [Martial] are quicker, but we know Wayne’s qualities. Continue reading “HERRERA SAYS MAN UNITED NEED WAYNE ROONEY”

Rooney is excited about the future of England

The future of the English national football team is looking as bright as ever before and Wayne Rooney voiced his excitement in seeing how the national side is being filled with more and more talented youngsters.

“It’s an exciting team. I think it’s the most exciting squad I’ve ever been involved with, if I’m honest.” Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney said as he talked about the English national football team.

After the international retirement of Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole, Roy Hodgson has had to rebuild the English national side and Wayne Rooney praised the work that the head coach has made as Hodgson has turned the national team into a competitive one that has enough talent to compete against the best teams in the world of football.

England recently played a friendly match against Germany and despite having fell behind in the scoreboard 0-2, they still managed to make a 3-2 comeback and emerge victorious.

Even though it was only a friendly encounter, it still was a fairly important victory for England as the team was filled with young players such as: Jack Butland, Eric Dier, Dele Alli and Harry Kane. This shows that the next generation of players has what it takes to push England to victories against big teams. Continue reading “Rooney is excited about the future of England”

Louis Van Gaal liked the fact that Wayne Rooney had an honest and animated discussion

Louis Van Gaal liked the fact that Wayne Rooney had an honest and animated discussion with teammates regarding the way they had played in the first half of the game at Liverpool the other day and it made a great difference.

The Red Devils were nowhere in competition prior to half time break and were probably lucky not to have got trailed to Liverpool by that time.

They were not at all appearing to be going to win that game.

But, after Rooney’s interaction to the players during the break, there was a change in the body language when the team reappeared on the pitch and the captain himself led the way with his first goal at the home of the arch rivals in about a decade.

According to Van Gaal, it’s very important to share honest opinions with teammates and he would be pleased if the players do that more in future.

The manager was quoted as speaking, “Being honest and frank in the dressing room is good. I liked it and I would say I want it to happen more in future.”

“Everyone has to hundred percent commit himself to the team and feel responsible for the way team is playing. The manager shouldn’t be the one taking all the responsibility because that’s not right.” Continue reading “Louis Van Gaal liked the fact that Wayne Rooney had an honest and animated discussion”

Wayne Rooney is confident that United will start challenging for the league title next season

Wayne Rooney is confident that United will start challenging for the league title next season, but he has admitted that everything depends upon a good start.

After the arrival of Louis van Gaal last season, United took a few months in order to settle under the tactics of the Dutchman. This season, though, they have the comfort of having already played for the last 12 months under van Gaal. The former Bayern Munich and Barcelona boss also has a better understanding of his players. A strong start off the line is very much key towards keeping pace with the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea.

Last season, the 29-year-old finished the season with 14 goals in 33 appearances. He will be looking for a much better return from his boot given that Rooney is likely to be the first choice striker after the departure of Robin van Persie. The Dutchman has joined Fenerbahce in a £ 4.5 million deal, which leaves Rooney as the recognised top striker upfront. Van Gaal has hinted that new signing Memphis Depay could also be used in this position if he adapts to the tactics. Rooney has pointed out to the fact that United managed only 13 points from the opening 10 games last season. Continue reading “Wayne Rooney is confident that United will start challenging for the league title next season”