1. FYCDocfire2

    Wazza made a brilliant decision she out performed the boys in the final and was already complemented on having best form on the barge challenge. Wayne obviously know what winnings about we all know what he has accomplished coming from a council house to a couple houses enough said

  2. parkouras93

    @opert56 he but the clearly said the results were based on the final
    so I’m gonna have to agree with you but ashley desrved to win it

  3. dfstarborn

    lol she’s not better than the two boys this series is a joke just like wayne rooney is. they should not have girls with boys its a load of rubbish and I’m just telling the truth I’m not knocking her i think she’s great for a girl but she’s nowhere near the skill level of two of the boys who went home early or the two finalists so ill just take the 3rd one they make as a joke and bypass it.

  4. xunknown91x

    Sexism is outdated. Get over the fact shes a girl.

  5. Shaks2808

    @opert56 its nt abt the age nope?!! its abt the final stage. to be honest it was very close, n i think it was the right decision.xx

  6. timmyfung01

    it is a shame how those 3 tried their best to win the ticket to the final while Wayne didn’t even get into the final 8…
    still, it is a good show, I enjoyed it….
    BTW, at 1:37, those white soap on Ashley hair really makes you think of “something else”…. I am pretty sure Wayne would agree with me on this one

  7. Shaikio

    Well done to Ashley, but Harrison was my favourite! He was just amazing and lewis was good too!

  8. Kizzyboy08

    That harrison is the most boring person in the world!

  9. Shikhs16

    @Sadesito7 no lol i said its in manchester near old trafford

  10. Sadesito7

    @Shikhs16 idk maybe tokyo or sumthing u know XD

  11. 1LHerne

    England hasn’t got that good street strikers if she’s the winner

  12. SouthyMandem

    @opert56 – Yh I agree with you with the better footballer thing, but as Wayne said, it only mattered about the final challenge, they did not consider how any of them did in the previous challenges =), Ashley was better at this challenge.

  13. lovinthemage

    I think on the pitch Harrison would be the better candidate for his physical attributes, size composure and attitude but it wasn’t about that it was who dealt with the final the best so that was Ashley.

    Thanks for posting this wanted to watch it when it was out but couldn’t due to not having sky.

  14. McReconize

    Lewis and Harrison both very good players! But Ashleigh delt with the pressure better on the final challenge.

  15. napoleon180

    @xXunkillableYoshiXx I agree with you but this show is meant for entertainment purposes and they decided it would be more entertaining to see something totally different. such as this. Because these are quite unique drills because of the change of setting.

  16. tpcgoon

    luis didnt do the best in headers like the lady talking said the harrison hit the same targets

  17. ChloeLovesRonaldo

    Im A Girl Footballer And I Personally Think Harrison Done Much Better :/
    Anyone Agree?

  18. SdotLondonSayNoMore

    @MrJPAA12FUL agreed, i think he’s got the most natural technique and flair about him, he just looks so comfortable with the ball, even d man u scout was tipping for him 2 win it.

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