Wayne Rooney’s official Manchester United “Overhead Kick”video

The official edition of Rooney’s Overhead Kick by Manchester Utd. in their website.In this video clip:what the players think about his Bicycle:Fans Reactions:Bicyele in Different Camera Angles.DISCLAIMER:I do not own this video clip.
Video Rating: five / 5

  1. EponymousWolf

    Straight afterwards he celebrated by shagging a 70yr old prostitute!

  2. Muhfka


  3. eboubetje

    everyone can do dis shit! i can do dis shit! srsly i mean all you need to do is just kick de ball i can play for man united. I’m ROONEY!

  4. LDwestwood1986

    over rated my arse, strange how Torres can go for ages in terrible form and not be called over rated yet Rooney looses for for a while and pple are well quick to say hes crap…

  5. MrChimpface

    great goal, but whats even more amazing is they interview 4 fans and not one of them has a manc accent!!

  6. samuelbrownable

    wat a goal its like the frist over head kick wat i seen ronney dune it keeps getting better every time u see it

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