1. Duy Hoàng

    cạo đi lại mất 100k bảng cấy lại :))

  2. The6385

    Why does he cry about his hair if he shaves it all off

  3. Dieselifyable

    Seems like his head is the only thing on his body that doesn’t have a lot of hair ^^

  4. Pablo Silva Navarro

    bienvenida a mi zona …. a mi cabezona

  5. Adrian Ocaña

    that’s the scariest demon face I’ve ever seen!

  6. Rodrigao da silva

    bienvenido a mi zona….. que zona????  mi cabeZona 8===D XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  7. MrLeonor

    Aaaa como son pendejos “zona mi cabezona” esa tonteria que jajaja

  8. Rumpeansikt

    Here, he’s shaving his head, and now, two years later, he has a hair tansplant. Haha.

  9. alejandra Gonzalez

    bienvenido a mi zona…cual zona? mi cabezona!!!!!

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