Arsenal have made a very impressive start of season by winning 8 of their 10 matches of the Premier League so far it’s been a shocker to many people seeing them higher than Chelsea, Manchester City and United.

This however fails to impress Wayne Rooney who said that Arsenal have been in many similar situations previously but when the pressure begins to be placed they will break down.

“We’ll have to wait and see where Arsenal is in March,” he said. “We’ve seen before that they’ve been in the top two until February or March and then faded away. They are doing brilliantly at the minute, so it’s down to them to try and stay there and us to catch them.”

Manchester United lost 3 of their initial 6 opening games of the season which have left them getting further and further behind top positions of the Premier League as they now are sitting in a disappointing 8th place with 17 points it seems like David Moyes has not made the best of starts with the English titans.

Although it does not concern Rooney as he believes they will be able to get back on top and defend their title trophy.

“We have to go into it with confidence and a belief this is when we can edge closer to them and bring us back into the mix of being at the top of the league.”

A busy schedule is ahead of Manchester United as they are playing in the Capital One Cup, Champions League and the Premier League but Rooney is certain that despite the number of tournaments currently involved in, it won’t distract or harm them in any way as they want to win the biggest one of them all, the Champions League.