1. jakedwhite

    maybe he likes being the bad guy and needs the anger of the fans to feel threatened and scared for his life and make him fight back and prove he is one of the worlds best players, please Wayne regain that hungry back street footballing Legend we remember, or if booze and smokes are getting in the way take a leaf outa maradonas book and give us 1 or 2 yrs of cocaine fueled Foaming at the Mouth Hard Man God Like Football we will ever see, then we can sell your broken body for 70-80 mill

  2. vortic

    Rooney played at CM 2 or 3 times, that’s not most of the time. Kagawa had one unfortunate injury since he went to Dortmund, you can’t really say he’s injury prone can you?

    I agree that Rooney is very important for the club and unreplaceable when he’s at his best.

  3. Hafiz Hamzah

    Rooney is the best player ever..David Moyes should looks what Rooney do for last-last seasons..MU can’t win if Rooney go.if he chose to transfer to Chelsea or any club..he is the Key player for MU..we have RVP & Rooney they the best striker players..should give him chance to play in first team not backup player..!!!

  4. Shoaib Ali

    we got Kagawa to play behing RvP. Rooney has asked to leave the second time, so time to say good bye! Now Moyes go get Fellani.

  5. Caleb Ngan

    Claim down guys, I think he is staying, Moyes will bring a new tatics instead of SAF, which could actually put Rooney and Van Persie up front, there are lot of Bullshit from the newspaper and I think he is staying. Where eles can he go? 250K per week with lot of respect(if he is staying).

  6. abdi1983

    Get rid of him fucking had enough of his bull if he wasn’t english he would of been shown the door long ago the guy get 250,000 pw fucking hell he’s a big player but his hearts not in the team no point keeping him he hasn’t been the same since the season after ronaldo left.

  7. TheWazza2012

    and how do you know he told united he wants to leave? he denies it so fergie might have misunderstood rooney and THOUGHT that he wanted to leave. and yes but he didnt play as a striker now did he? he played as a CM or CAM. but still managed to get 15+ and a load of assists and the 2 seasons he has played as a STRIKER he got 30+goals and still quite a lot of assists. welbeck is really good but needs to work on his finishing but come on he will never be better than rooney and same with hernandez:D

  8. SuperJEROMEJgames

    Rooney MUST stay. He can do alot of things other strikers can˙t. It would be awesome if David Moyse would bring CR7 back to ManUtd, because they are very good friends and they could play some very good games.

  9. abdullah ahmed

    rooney should play because he is awsome striker and if rooney leaves i will hate van persie for ever.

  10. stainless211

    I just hope united execs arnt stupid enough to sell him to an english club. I love him now….but by god if he goes to london, I will curse him and boo him and consider him an absolute traitor to united. That should be everyone’s thoughts. You don’t turn your back on manchester

  11. HabyDude18

    he told united he wants to leave and a striker scoring 15 goals is not good at all, we have Welbeck and Hernandez are better and are still growing. easily replaceable

  12. TheWazza2012

    oh and can those 10 people drop out of position for the team? can those 10 people consistenly scores atleast 15 goals a season? exactly… irreplaceable

  13. HabyDude18

    i can think of 10 people of the top of my head i rather have then rooney

  14. GloryGloryME22

    Wayne Rooney is the heart of United. If he leaves many fans will be devestated

  15. Paulsidhu2008

    Rooney is a legend, the first one in 2010 was wrong but let’s all have An open mind he wasn’t exactly treated with respect this season, he will stay and go on to become one of our best ever players, if he does leave it will only hurt us, he’s Definatly our best player and he will show it next season

  16. Anthony Rafter

    injury prone? had same amount of injuries as rooney but less severe injuries than rooney and is not year round unfit like rooney.

  17. Jake Westwood

    No way should Rooney leave, watch United with him in the team and watch United play with him on the bench. 2 completely different styles, he is a crucial player to united regardless of his position. Give him 2/3 more seasons and he will be all time top scorer. He would be daft to leave.

  18. HigurashiDylan

    I don’t want an unhappy player at United… if he wants to leave let him leave… if he still has the desire to play for the club then let him stay, simple.

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