1. ohugitmeueffingc

    Type in:
    ‘Rooney is Rubbish’ – and watch him boss the Champions League final!

  2. catchjoony

    @nigglattokids95 :– Hats offf …u said it dude..YOU SAID IT!!!

  3. nigglattokids95

    @unlivable1 yeah i heard about him when we were scouting him, the reports said he scored in every game they watched and i think he did the same for his country as well so, my money is 23+goals in his first season, that’d be a perfect start.

  4. unlivable1

    So im guessing ur a die hard fan for manchester what do you think about chicharito the mexican player that will go play with Manchester?

  5. x10rooney10x

    Rooney= best player in the world!! He’s such a stud 🙂

  6. MattTheOak

    anything good video with utterly shit and irrelevent music, when are these cretins gonna learn?

  7. lssjgokuxz

    ronaldo a greaadyy cunt united are better without him messi is much better

  8. cr7timp

    if ronaldo stayed both rooney and him will make man utd go 1st plc….but dont get me wrong, united are still best without cristiano ronaldo

  9. adicr9

    man u haters y do u evn watch the video if u hate man u and den comment sayin man u suk and all dat…….instead y dont u just watch n comment on videos of ur fav player or club

  10. kaasvlinder

    @mrindeinpo man u the best and fuck the rest what club get 4,000,000,000 on the bank hahahahaha fuck you all

  11. tomsega

    What’s Barcelona without Messi and Xavi? What’s Real without Ronaldo and Kaka? What’s Bayern without Ribery and Robben? ….

  12. shikamaru4shadow

    @Charly19961996 That’s exactly what you all said last year about Ronaldo watch any manchester united game now we’re even better than last year

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