1. conman2317

    Only gay people say bloke, because they’re interestend in men, and thats the word for men one is interested in.

  2. busteddon

    I was told after shooting this commercial, he went to find prostitutes…………..

  3. TRWolf

    @whu26fc There were 2 body doubles for Wayne, one REALLY looked like him, the other was “meh”.

  4. TRWolf

    @MrRaqqY Correct. It was done over 2 days, and he was 3 hours late on both days when we extras had been there since 7, he moseyed in at about 10 or 11.

  5. TRWolf

    @Futre4 The ad was made specifically for the Asian market. Lots of the girls in the video were asked to cover their arms etc.

  6. TRWolf

    I was in this ad… you don’t see me though. I was stood by the big blue wall, and then in a booth to the right of the bar.

    The bar is fake though, the real bar is behind the wall the guy jumped off. T’was filmed in Bar 38 in Manchester.

  7. vitalhours

    just heard Rooney’s lost his sponsorship from Tiger Beer. Not having such a good time at the mo is he, shame as he is a class player

  8. Futre4

    Great draught beer tiger , very popular here in Asia . Doubt Rooney drinks it though.

  9. MrRaqqY

    @xKazTheGreatOnex that prob did take like 40 take’s, u dont get 2 do that in a football match 🙂

  10. RockinWarGamer

    Lol, the guy who looks over his shoulder at 0:19 just came to my house to fix a gutter I think. I overheard him saying Rooney got paid £85,000 a day for this

  11. xKazTheGreatOnex

    If only he put this much effort at the World Cup.

  12. Jayson1996

    this guy is some kinda model or what. he is not any soccer player.

  13. whu26fc

    The other guy is a free runner and not a footballer, not steven gerrard you muppets. My mate is the body double of Rooney in this advert

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