1. Jimbo5able

    @Mohamed911fly yeah bruv… init. I get wht u sayin bout dis ting.

  2. XxSuperOmarxX

    /watch?v=wF2JQAMZvCg <-----his bike goal against man city last weekend! thumbs up so everyone can see!!!!

  3. Mohamed911fly

    innit bruv that goal that he scored agianst man city was so amzing,brilliant the best over head kick ever in the world

  4. Alautox

    @videomasterftw You obviously didnt see his goal vs City yesterday then. 🙂

  5. Alautox

    @videomasterftw I think you may want to take that comment back now?

  6. kysersoze12

    Wayne Rooney has a house in New Castle United goal net.

  7. anathir

    5:45 the yellow guy on the right just falls for no reason?

  8. BrazilsRonaldoFan

    i cant wait coz its rooneys first starting 11 match in ages and it starts in just 3 hours

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