Wayne Rooney wants to leave Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson is shocked INTERVIEW

** I DO NOT Own ANY OF THE Content IN THIS Video. Everything BELONGS TO It is Owners – SKY Sports activities AND MUTV. Pay a visit to www.skysports.com FOR A lot more News AND CLIPS ** Sir Alex Ferguson has uncovered that Wayne Rooney has intimated to him that he needs to go away Manchester United. THE INTERVIEW: David, in the early component of the summer time, had opened talks with his agent. And that was to be continued following the Planet Cup. I was in the workplace on August 14 when David informed me he’d had a contact from his agent saying that Wayne wasn’t heading to indicator his agreement. So then David arrived throughout to see me. He said he couldn’t imagine it and neither could I. I was dumbfounded, I couldn’t recognize it at all because only months prior to he’d mentioned he was at the biggest club in the globe and he wanted to remain for daily life. We just don’t know what’s transformed the boy’s thoughts. David was shocked, I was shocked.
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  1. Martinez1887

    he did go to school XD and it takes 10000 times more talent and work to be a worldclass footballers, than to be a fucking doctor or anything


    He’ll never love man utd he’s scouse so he would have grew up hating man utd

  3. Superjuniorbox15

    fuck you alex ferguson, if his team ever lose or draw its the refs fault, fuck off

  4. iamtrash123

    rooney was never going to leave. he would just turn crap if he did

  5. Nosensefornonsense

    who is going to replace such a great manager. can someone give me a name? (and not mourihno cause that is what everyone says)

  6. neptunosim

    spoiled bastards drive 100.000 pounds cars!! live in mansions what do u get ? nothing! they dont even know that u exist even if you are a lifetime fan, fucking retarded ignorant uneducated bastards. he is not even an amazing player anyway i dont understand all this. 250.000!!!!!!!!!!!!! a week!! for someone that didnt even go to school i wouldnt be so angry if this world was a better place but about half of the world are living in poverty !! fuck this !!

  7. neptunosim

    shut up fergunson! whatever! you are another con man 250.000! for that spoiled cunt!!!! the soldiers fighting for this country get like 3 or 4 thousan a month!!! and just appear on the news when they died!!!! the world is going insaine!!!! seems like everybody is scared of saying something against fergunson what he says goes!! well not me!! he won a few trophies anyone would if was man utd manager for 150 years!!!!! use to love football ,dont go to matches anymore not even on tv

  8. imdacoolestguy

    I like use to support Chelsea but they is like sooooooo not cool now, Man City r like sooooooo rich n cool i like dem better. We like dont need ugly lookin players like rooney cuz we can buy anyone we want from da next like 50 years :). Soon der will b like only one club in manchester remembered n they aint wearin red lol. RaSpex.

  9. Larvemannenz001

    Uhh, yes they are, they’re fucking scaring me out man. Essien and Anelka are the two black guys i’m most afraid of at the moment…

  10. AndiiTheStratophonic

    he just signed 5 more years…everything is okay again..!!


    what the fukk has rooney done for united?? seriously? he’s been average at best, never carried the team on his own, nobody can justify his new wage increase, he is nothing compared to ronaldo even though i dont even like him- TRUTH!!

  12. ravensmead

    when i was a kid you could always tell a liar when they rubbed their chin

    or their ear ….watch it again…..

  13. Larvemannenz001

    Chelsea is fucking unbeatable, i’m kinda worried…

  14. EricTheKingCantonaa

    @comfortablynumb1975x How would you know that if you are no united fan at all?I personally think he’s never gonna be a true legend after this no matter what talented and stuff he is…we got to wait how all that stuff develops…rooney should be careful about any further step he makes…so don’t tell nonsense like that…you don’t even know about it…

  15. TheStevieGerrard

    @mattsson20 Dunno what currency your dealing with cause those figures are bollocks

  16. HulmeBoy09

    @mattsson20 where the hell did you get these figures from?!?!?!?
    £465million pound contract dont be stupid also Yaya Toure on £130million a year dont be stupid

  17. ddddzzzznutz

    Thank You Ferggie I owe u my life!!!

    I saw my mate the other day,
    He said to me he saw the white Pele,
    So I asked, who is he?
    He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney,
    Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney,
    He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney

    Fuck u u CITY CUNTS!!!!

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