When Parking a Domain Can Land You in Hot Water

Post by Tony Shapiro


Parking a domain can demonstrate to be a single of your most important property ever – in simple fact, parking a domain has been likened to the 21st century’s interpretation of actual estate. This is nearer to the truth for some individuals than you would believe – individuals like Dad, Chris Clark, who bought his domain identify not so long ago for £1.3 million [British lbs, not dollars]. My math isn’t good sufficient to work out how significantly that is in US$ – but I am confident I could live comfortably on it, whatever it is! As a 23 12 months-outdated Chris seemed into parking a domain and plainly liked what he saw – or perhaps he noticed a thing that passed the rest of us by – but he obtained the domain identify ‘pizza.com’ and, paying per 12 months, continued to park this domain until eventually the time was ripe for offering, catapulting him into millionaire position ahead of the ink was dry on the paper.

Chris Clark is undoubtedly no isolated scenario – there are hundreds of folks just like Chris, parking a domain in the hope its worth will be recognized at some level in the potential. It’s not too late to get a slice of the action, if not the pizza, but when you consider that a hundred and fifty million domain names have been bought and a lot of a lot more are snapped up every day, you will need to be specially canny to snap up a income-maker. However, if parking a domain can be likened to a rainy-day investment, probably you will have hit on the next big point circa 2030!

Dirty Methods and Threats of Legal Action

We have all heard of long-tail search phrases and optimization but less folks understand that, to be totally optimized your website desires to incorporate optimization in the titles, sub-titles as nicely as the domain name if at all possible. It can also lead to threats of authorized action this sort of as the scenario of Wayne Rooney and the circumstance of his fan who currently owned ‘waynerooney.com’. I surprise if Huw Marshall is nonetheless a fan of Wayne Rooney following getting ordered to part with this domain title that he purchased in very good faith in 2002 – in the days prior to Wayne Rooney’s rise to stardom.

Equally, Donald Trump’s lawyers are still trying to get Hayley Cook to part with her domain title ‘trumpgolfclub.co.uk’ that she was foresighted adequate to register in anticipation of a luxury golf advanced becoming developed in Balmedie, Aberdeenshire in Scotland. She has been warned by the attorneys not to market this domain title and has been branded a criminal for infringing Donald Trump’s trademark [what trademark?]: they have accused her of cybersquatting.

I doubt that Hayley Cook intends to offer this domain identify anytime quickly – if I was in her footwear I would carry on her coverage of parking a domain in anticipation of the opening of the golf resort when, I daresay, the Trump enterprise will purchase the domain identify from her for an undisclosed sum fairly than chance as well considerably adverse publicity that, if Hayley Cook has something to do with it, would show as well detrimental to acquiring a toe-maintain in the lucrative golf marketplace of the UK.

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