1. redvenom777

    @mnelson68 lol, do u predict the future? im of course talking about the bike against man city

  2. HobbsDK

    this “form” is a compilation of goals from years of his career. take a look at his goal tally for every season other than 09/10, he usually scores around 15 or so, +/- a few. then he has a season like last year, and now, even when he’s one of the league leaders in assists, and is one of uniteds best playmakers atm, most people have decided he’s terrible.

  3. Colddarkfire123

    man u need to sell this old fart, Hernandez plays better for man u, and they could get a good sum for him too.

  4. Manurule2k10

    Wayne Rooney = Legend and always will be 2 me. I dont give a shit what he did i will always love him… Not in a gay way =)

  5. felix8989

    Hasn’t scored a goal for club or country from open play in 10 months.

    Hasn’t scored a goal for club or country from outside the box in almost 3 years.

    And last year some people compared him to Messi. HAHAHAHAHA.

  6. jimmy2minutes

    its not the goalies that have to be scared of rooney these days its the flood lights he smashes from the penalty spot.

  7. HobbsDK

    he started shooting from outside the box a bit against valencia the other day…fingers crossed he’s regaining a bit of confidence and (knock on wood) good form

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