1. besly988

    hi all check ut this football manager game myfootymanager com its the only online football manager just like the real football manager game! play the computer and play for as long as u want! its amazing!

  2. jamiethehorse

    @Milkshakegulp Infact, both of them have commentated in the FIFA series. Clive Tyldesley and Andy Gray

  3. hemotamer

    @dclleyshon Ronaldo is better than him I do want wayne to be the best He is my favourite player but really Cristiano Ronaldo is just Brilliant .

  4. dclleyshon

    Rooney is shit he ruined the world cup fable was like are I can’t be bothered im here for the holiday and well England was a misery disgrace bring back Owen!

  5. Auni09

    Rooney is an absolute class when he’s on form! aww..see those amzaing touches and ball skills to lose his marker.. AND BANG!GOOAALLL!!! even Ronaldo cant really do a chip like him.. It’s a shame this season he hasnt been on fire. nvm he’s slowly finding his form.. It’s liverpool vs man united tonight! C,mon UNITED! And EPL over any other non eye catchy league! ^_^

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