1. tomboltonboy2k8

    Thank god he chose to come back to football. Would have drawn against city if it wasn’t for him

  2. macphersonleedsunite

    USA are shit. Talking about people here, say USA are better than England. They obviously must be Yanks. Yanks who know fuck all about football. Fuck USA. Go England.

  3. joey2226

    Damn…this must be in Scotland or something, what a shit hole.

  4. tomsta3

    @steveOjr01 sorry mate but are you trollin. cos i live beside great britain and it consists of 3 countries,wales,england,scotland can uyou now see the why great britain isnt a country

  5. wolfman8325

    @maa107 I liked it more when i heard it on john stewart,

  6. BRDfrmthafiveotree


  7. steveOjr01

    @tomsta3 pretty sure Great Britain is a country is just has more than one name your prolly thinking of london

  8. TheDizzyCity

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  10. shaqqy88


    Yup. Been there for 8 years. Most depressing place and most miserable people I have ever met. Though, the miserable lives have positives like looking forward to football matches every week and supporting your team like crazy since there really isn’t much more to do or look forward to.

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