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Write-up by jekky

Celebrities parodied(In alphabetical buy by surname, followed by which voice played the celebrity.)James Allen [disambiguation required] (V/O) – Rupert DegasRussell Brand – Tim DannOrlando Bloom – Peter DicksonJames Blunt (Cameo) – Tim DannBono (Cameo) – Tim DannJackie Chan – Rupert DegasBarry Chuckle (Cameo) – Tim DannPaul Chuckle (Cameo) – Peter DicksonSimon Cowell – Peter DicksonDaniel Craig – Peter DicksonCat Deeley (in the sort of a cat) – Kate O’SullivanJohnny Depp – Rupert DegasDeclan Donnelly – Rupert DegasGirls Aloud – Kate O’SullivanBob Geldof – Rupert DegasLen Goodman – Peter DicksonLewis Hamilton – Tim DannParis Hilton (a miniature model carried about by her dog, ‘Noodles’) – Kate O’SullivanElton John (Cameo) – Peter DicksonKeira Knightley (Cameo) – Kate O’SullivanBeyonce Knowles – Kate O’SullivanTobey Maguire (Cameo) – Tim DannEwan McGregor (Cameo) – Rupert DegasMcFly (In the kind of four flies)Dannii Minogue (Cameo) – Kate O’SullivanKylie Minogue (Cameo) Kate O’SullivanAnthony McPartlin – Tim DannGraham Norton – Rupert DegasJamie Oliver – Tim DannJack Osbourne – Rupert DegasKelly Osbourne – Kate O’SullivanOzzy Osbourne – Rupert DegasSharon Osbourne – Kate O’SullivanArlene Phillips – Kate O’SullivanBillie Piper – Kate O’SullivanDaniel Radcliffe (Cameo) – Tim DannGordon Ramsay – Rupert DegasWayne Rooney – Tim DannBritney Spears – Kate O’SullivanArnold Schwarzenegger – Peter DicksonDavid Tennant – Rupert DegasJustin Timberlake (Cameo) – Rupert DegasBruno Tonioli – Rupert DegasRobbie Williams (a rubbish guardian angel) – Rupert DegasTiger Woods – Rupert DegasGary Barlow (Cameo) – Tim DannJ-Lo (Cameo) – Kate O’Sullivan Politicians and Royal family members parodiedThe Queen – Peter DicksonGordon Brown – Peter DicksonTony Blair – Rupert DegasGeorge W. Bush – Rupert DegasCondoleezza Rice – Kate O’SullivanPrince Harry (Cameo) – Peter DicksonPrince William (Cameo) – Rupert Degas OthersThe Phantom Flatner – Really Charlotte Church in disguise. – Kate O’Sullivan Recurring gagsIn Hedz, there are half-moment to a moment quick gags, which are equivalent in one way or one more for every single character(s).For Russell Brand, he says his catchphrase “… if I inform a lie, allow me stunning barnet sprout forth!” at the beginning of his sketch, and then tells a series of lies, leading to his hair to grow abnormally big. Following three lies, he trips on his hair and falls down, ending the gag with “Betrayed by my very own barnet!”.For Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp, they share a bath, in which they play, argue and chat. By the finish of the gag, Johnny Depp somehow brings about Orlando Bloom to get out of the bathtub. Nonetheless, at situations Orlando will get his very own back again on Johnny (e.g. throwing Johnny’s paper hat into the bath, triggering it to go soggy and sink)For Simon Cowell, he initial sneaks into his shed, where he tells Cat Deeley (who is in the sort of a white cat) to “… provide me [Simon] the leaders of the free of charge entire world!”, creating Cat Deeley to press a red button, bringing George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown, Romano Prodi and Bob Geldof onto H.Q.-like screens. After which he explains his “brilliant” prepare, usually on the effects of international warming, in which the leaders go wild in its sheer flawlessness (at the middle of Simon Cowell’s speech, Cat Deeley explains the vital flaws). After the pitch of his notion Simon Cowell raises up his palms and goes, “For I am a genius!” When he does this a button loosens from Simon’s trousers, so they fall down (revealing his boxer shorts) and is sprayed down with something got to do with his idea (e.g. if the strategy contained toilet paper, toilet paper will rain down onto him), generating the leaders laugh. Another ironic touch is that Cat speaks in meows, with her phrases shown as subtitles, and Cowell can not recognize her, though guesses she is optimistic about the thought, e.g. “Are you ready for my brilliant prepare, Cat?” “No!” “I knew you would be, Cat.” On his shed is a indicator which says, ‘Simon’s shed maintain out’. By now we can see Simon is not quite vivid he writes the ‘p’ backwards.For Ant &amp Dec, they spot an additional celeb couple from their tree home “oh Ant, can you see out?” and choose to set a trap for them “there is only area for One particular superstar duo in this forest!”, which fails. Afterwards, Ant gets caught by the exact same trap. The celeb duos have incorporated Davina McCall/Dermot O’Leary, Barry/Paul Chuckle, Mary-Kate/Ashley Olsen, Arlene Phillips/Bruno Tonioli and Kylie/Dannii MinogueFor David Tennant, he is undertaking one thing that rhymes with Who (As in Physician Who). E.g. – he is sitting on a snooker cue and says ‘I’m doctor cue!’, or appearing two times and declaring ‘I’m physician two!’.Arnold Schwarzenegger owns a video store and the sketch always attributes a superstar requesting a DVD starring that celeb. Schwarzenegger, however, will only sell them DVDs starring himself. The celebrity will proceed to assault Arnold in some way, only to be defeated by Arnold. Right after the superstar leaves, an Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘Bobble Head’ says, ‘They’ll be back’. The only time Arnold has misplaced to a celebrity is when Anne Hathaway kissed him, turning him into a robotic frog.For Daniel Craig on a Boot Camp an army of Daniel Craigs Marching and singing, “We’re competing day by day, ’til there’s just a single Daniel Craig” when drill sergeant Graham Norton all of a sudden jumps in and yells “SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPP!” Sgt. Norton informs the Daniel Craig’s that they are at the camp competing for the position of 007 and so he sets the Daniel Craigs a activity to endure as solution agents and warns them that the one particular who doesn’t complete effectively adequate will be eradicated and then Graham yells “Do I make myself clear?!” One particular Daniel Craig who is ironically portrayed as the odd-one particular-out wears a Pink Bow Tie and keeps irritating Graham by asking stupid inquiries “oh, could your publish it down for me sir?” and usually leaves Norton yelling “What in the identify of Global Espionage do you believe you are performing? You are the weakest Daniel Craig, great-bye!”Prime Minister Gordon Brown is portrayed as “Mr.Brown”, who lives ten Downing (Browning) Road in a Brown, Brown Home in a Brown, Brown Street]]”. Brown “has a country to run and is a extremely severe man…but then Mr.Brown does naughty issues in the Brown, Brown House” and sooner or later breaks a thing which is usually followed by the narrator telling Brown to “now go to your [his] area, you foolish guy!”. Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair has a cameo as the popular policeman who stands outdoors No.ten (“Evening Mr.Brown!”) and generally will get coated in whichever Mr.Brown is messing about with.Formulation one race driver Lewis Hamilton is portrayed as a man driving a Scalextric automobile around a track in a playroom. He then races towards other celebrities this sort of as Jackie Chan who try out and cheat but fail, always resulting in Lewis successful the race and spraying champagne just about everywhere.Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay refers to himself in the third particular person and tries his greatest to achieve even the easiest of jobs “Gordon try this, excellent!” and when he makes a mishap it tends to make him mad “make Gordon maaaaaaaddddddddd” and his confront glows red with anger but he manages to relaxed himself down a couple of situations “but-Gordon-remain-relaxed, indeed, good” but on his 3rd mishap he gets so angry “make Gordon truly MAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDD!” his face blows up and he says “Doh!, worst (whichever he is undertaking) ever, accomplished!”.For Billie Piper she is portrayed as a “fair maiden in distress” however she usually argues with the narrator when he describes the infamously basic problem she is in. The Narrator then tells the audience who will conserve her? “Golfing legend, turned outlaw Tiger Hood!” (American Golfing legend Tiger Woods) who suddenly jumps into the scene in a fanfare and proceeds to help Billie by firing his golf clubs at the obstacle even though she argues that he can make it so a lot easier for equally of them if he just solves the issue without employing his clubs! This distraction brings about Tiger to drop his focus and when he fires his clubs they usually skip hit their target and bounce off objects and typically stop up hitting Tiger in the encounter and then he requires out his putter and fires it (above Billie’s constant protests) and that also misses its goal, bounces off trees and hits Billie in the confront! Tiger then says he’s possibly had enough or goes off to discover his clubs leaving Billie fuming over the narrator’s frustrating speech “and so once again, Tiger Hood has saved the day!” Then the book closes, and Billie protests until the e-book is closed and she is silenced. The only time when this is the opposite is when Billie’s fire was place out, and she wanted the lid to be closed so she could keep warm.For Jackie Chan, he stars in a indicate referred to as ‘Jackie Can’, which sees him executing unbelievably simple functions this sort of as opening a door or turning on a mild, even so he utilizes somersaults and Kung-fu moves to do so. At the conclude, following one thing goes improper (e.g. tripping above his own shoelaces, opening a door with brooms propped towards it, resulting in the brooms falling onto him) he normally says ‘Remember kids, do not check out this at home!’For McFly, their cue is 4 flies flying close to along with a buzzing noise. Often there is a ‘One Two Three Four’ just before they burst into tune. McFly are the only characters in Hedz who sing with squeaky voices. Apart from Cat Deeley, they are the other animal characters in the type of 4 flies in diverse colors yellow (Danny), blue (Tom), green (Dougie), and red (Harry). All but Harry are witnessed holding guitars, but Harry retains a drum. At the end, one member of McFly hits their head on the camera and a ring of stars appear previously mentioned their heads just before they drop out of the body. At times an ‘ouch’ can be heard.For Beyonce, she is initial witnessed as an ordinary cleaner right up until her pink phone beeps. The moment she hears the crisis, she instantly turns into a pop princess with a