1. SuperAVI21

    @arsenal4fab1 you’re speaking on behalf of about 4205902 people

  2. muffincasestudioz

    im koby “wilwy wake pwessure like bwak wit ward boing wough

  3. compobrizzie

    watch complete version with this kind of movie here on a v a t z . n e t remove spaces

  4. Kizzyboy08

    @PoisonPeas SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU COCK SUCKERS WANK TARD!!!!!!! Its my opinion, i hate fucks like you that spend half there time trying to make people look stupid on youtube! Fuck you!

  5. PoisonPeas

    @Kizzyboy08 they aren’t even of age yet stupid fuck.. ALSO, note the name of the competition is STREET striker, not PITCH striker. FUCKING RETARD

  6. Kizzyboy08

    @rowesoc oh laaaike when it oh laaaike goin lawwwst, its hawwder……. laaike!
    I think it was sumit like that 😀

  7. Kizzyboy08

    A few of them were pretty talented but half of them can’t kick the friggin ball 40 yards, put them on a full size pitch with 11 each side for 90 mins, i would love to see them dribble the whole pitch they won’t be kicking the ball at boxes put it that way…. and alot of them even missed the boxes! HA!

  8. FlameR131

    that shannon would get it over and over again 😛

  9. zodyou1

    @zodyou1 im just saying as an expression. cause this show is about how to freestyle, not play a soccer game. most people who preform tricks in soccer dont really even play, there just in to give people like me an you a show, an i give them props. =)

  10. Atemuoh1991

    @zodyou1 you’re right, juggling is not important in a real game, but if you can’t do at least 10, then your ball control isn’t good

  11. zodyou1

    @Atemuoh1991 ok guy, all im saying is, just cause you can juggle a ball a 1000 times doesn’t mean your good i can bearly do 20, but i can play like a real player.

  12. Atemuoh1991

    @zodyou1 you’re right, but using a keyboard is easy doing things is hard

  13. metroidprimeown

    @arsenal4fab1 me too damn shes smooking hot

  14. zodyou1

    they only are good at tricks noting else i could out beat any of them.

  15. drfreemason

    @rockstarofspades Over rated player, man got so much money coming out of his arse.english football sucks.just good at local games, not international

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