wayne rooney street striker

this is a video of when i went to play football with wayne rooney, i am the 1 in the white leading you see shaking hands with rooney and undertaking a number of tricks (360 flip)
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  1. guccigas

    rooney ı fuck your face ok?ı fuck all the english.. ..all countries ın the world hate the english… because englishs are son of a bitch!

  2. soccerrockz156

    no way you just dont like him and MAN-U

  3. dx619andspear

    y da hell do u say dat hes better than ronaldo he is a straight out striker that usually finishes off whats wrong with him??!!?!?!?!

  4. figjam1995

    Wayne Rooney is probably the most over-rated player off all time


    I was there and i played football with rooney, in little hulton it was proper mint day !

  6. waleedarsenal

    when did his happen because i was invled in the london one . and i got trough to the last 50 ??? and do you know when its going to be on sky one m8 ?

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