1. vip1691

    Haha the links works better when you say dont click here rather than saying something like “check this out” lol

  2. DaKyl3

    HEY PPL !! i must say, i’m an ass, it’s that stupid sound system so seriously don’t click there

  3. mp3avi

    That highest rated comment bringing my attention to the don’t click here makes it even more tempting….

  4. TheDarkNeighbour

    Check my channel to see the Wayne Rooney Goal against Man CIty!!

  5. Sunday2810

    i think u must mean greatest “STRIKER” ever…

  6. iSymplix

    “Don’t click here” Okay, I won’t 🙂 Worst way to try and get views on another video.

  7. puertorricane

    @soooooo89 that goal of messi vs getafe wasnt that impressive ronaldinho did that vs real madrid which is a better team

  8. puertorricane

    @soooooo89 donaldinho is a team player and always has been.. he rather have an assist then to score himself.. if he wanted he couldve score a whole lot more during his great years but he shared the ball.. messi scores with barcelona but what else has he done.. lets see him do it for a few years first before we crown him.. and ronaldinho is already a legend

  9. TheFewzz

    Its weird how a player could be this great then suddenly be really shit , cant trap a ball , pass , and never scores out of the box.

  10. soooooo89

    @puertorricane and ronaldhino could”nt do what messi does either! 47 goals in one season and will sail pass that this season. ronaldhino was great but he did”nt make half the impact messi is making thats the differnce between great players and legends. i mean c”mon did”nt you see messi goal for against getafe. when hv u seen ronaldhino score a goal like that? messi is a legend in the making!

  11. puertorricane

    @acdctnt38 ronaldinho is not that good now.. i said when he was at his best he did things nobody else can even attempt not messi not ronaldo not ronney

  12. acdctnt38

    @puertorricane ronaldinho is a fucking street baller who knows how to shoot free kicks. ronaldo has 46 goals in 45 appearances for real madrid last i checked a few weeks ago. ronaldinho has half as many goals in more games.

  13. MUFCsteviedon

    rooneys a fuckn waste of space. wish the fat cunt would fuck off in the summer.

  14. puertorricane

    He is a good player but when you watch highlights of ronaldinho and then you watch this highlights…. simple there is no comparison.. ronaldo, messi and all the rest they have to bow down to ronaldinho

  15. zakil25

    You said it, he’s more an athlet than a football player.

  16. OneSuspiciousMan

    @dante6506 at least he is better than C.Ronaldo… this fucked overrated marketing puppet.

  17. goldman6969

    @trip312008 yeah me to i was like damn i cant wait how he fights and next thing you know bam a soccer goal and i was like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

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