Rooney should remain as England captain

Former Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp believes that Wayne Rooney should continue as the England captain under Sam Allardyce. He believes that there is a lack of players that have leadership quality in the team at the moment and that Rooney is the most appropriate one.

There have been rumors since Monday when the new England manager has refused to confirm that Wayne Rooney will remain at the England captain. It is possible that Sam Allardyce believe that there is a lack of aggressiveness in the team and that he wants to change that by changing the captain. Although it might be a good idea on paper, it is important to consider which player to replace Wayne Rooney.

Harry Redknapp said that he is happy with the appointment of Sam Allardyce as the England manager and believes that the new manager has the necessary skills to take charge of England. However, he is a bit skeptical with his refusal to confirm Wayne Rooney as the captain. For Redknapp, he does not see any valuable alternative at the moment. The only way for Sam Allardyce to replace Wayne Rooney will be to convince John Terry to return to the team. The Chelsea player has already announced his retirement from international football and the new England manager will have to be quite convincing to get Terry back into the team. Continue reading “Rooney should remain as England captain”

Rooney’s own goal

Rooney’s very own objective
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