1. Lilpaydofo187

    @brownscoachworks yeah but still when it comes to football he’s a brilliant player and to be honest,,he embodies england with his talent AND with his behavier! you can see it right up there that he’s the aggressiv striker, this is english football! of course he’s been an idiot for swearing right into the cam…but i still like him even when there are moments like this

  2. brownscoachworks

    I believe Rooney should be suspended and lose his sponsors full stop!- He is only a corner boy, a foul mouthed rat that should be

  3. janis17656haris

    Its about time Wayne Rooney grey up and acted like a descent footballer. He needs to curbe his temper – why did he swear at this match they were on a hat trick! He is such an abusive player foul mouth and physically hard man. He is a bully to all players and refs. He must be taught a lesson so other players and kids who watch him will learn that it is not right to use the “F” word.

  4. hitmanaoa

    i never knew football was suddenly a place where you don’t hear a little bit of swearing…

    listen to the thousands of fans swearing up and down the stadiums throughout the country in front of camera’s and kids..

    really, my son knows what swear words are and he wont say them because im a good parent, who gives a flying F*CK about rooney?

  5. 33rddegreefilms

    Footballers are a joke. Good role models for kids! Every week there is a new incident like this. I used to enjoy football but now the modern players are believeing their own hype way too much. Spoiled, Arrogant and really, when you stand back and look at it, pretty irrelevant . This bubble will burst for them though, As long as the current economic system continues to crumble and “Normal” people earn less and less, we will eventually see through to these peoples real contibution to society.NONE

  6. alexlintern

    The FA have already begun a drive to clean up the image of the game and the conduct of the players, and even some managers, which many football fans know has got out of control. This player is out of control and cannot control himself both on and off the pitch – this seems to be an internal problem for MUFC. Real fans will know that this is no witch hunt; the FA have to enforce standards in order that rules of the game and conduct are respected. MUFC their players and fans need a reality check

  7. Prim0NH

    All you scruggs will be singing his name when playing for England. 19th league title on the way. DEAL WITH IT!

  8. nattyflexx

    whats going to happen now? its about time FA teaches rooney a lesson cuz he seems to get away wiv all the stupid things he does.When drogba sweared on tv n i repeat ‘this a fuckin disgrace’ it was such a big deal,he got banned now let see how rooney gets away wiv this.if he does then it makes u think of jus one thing! enough said

  9. E17GuNneR

    @2pacshakurjay2009 on here you cant hear it but on the tv screen you were able to hear f*ck you quiet clearly, and its not nice for kids to hear professional football players to say something like that

  10. kenaniah2000

    he’s a chav, so expecting anything decent of this fella, it’d simply be too much. Fab footballer, hmmmm…debatable, but he is such a chav!!!!

  11. GrantRS4

    What is up with this absolute bell end!
    Kicking off on cameras now!? Would Love to see someone break him!

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