1. Sky Sports

    Watch Steve Bruce’s reaction to Wayne Rooney’s wonder strike in his post
    match press conference.

  2. SJGSpook

    Keeper should have saved it. Great effort though.

  3. TheBaneTrain

    Don’t worry steve, I see it every week with suarez.. Nothing special really

  4. giantsOFenglandMUFC

    I dont understand why you retards think it was a Lucky goal by Rooney the
    skill vision and distance made it a very special goal most of you retards
    can’t even kick a ball 20 yards and I’m sure if that goal was scored by a
    Liverpool player you wouldn’t say it was lucky

  5. Pinata Hose

    I don’t think it was that amazing. I think the goalie was clearly blind, he
    just gave up and went the other way, if he had paid attention he could have
    easily tracked the ball and caught it. West Ham goalie is shit. It was
    great instinctive vision from Rooney but i think it was a basic save or
    catch for a average goalie with good eyes.

  6. Kyle Gleavey

    Everyone has rected to this like him and beckham are the players to score a
    goal like that

  7. scouserdan3

    nothing special.. figueroa did it from a dead ball.. suarez did it, alonso
    has three times (twice in a game) , beckham did, howard did from 120 yards
    (his own area) begovic has… why is rooneys a wonder goal and everyone
    else’s is just normal?…every cunt licks uniteds arse

  8. Football/TV Randoms

    Love steve bruce:D

  9. Ian Wilson

    Rooney fouled the defender, should have been disallowed.

  10. Singh A

    He must go off when suarez does that nearly every game then lol

  11. Junad Miah

    I thought he was being sarcastic at first tbh

  12. Steven Roper

    The goal was brilliant, Steve Bruce’s reaction, who still manages to look
    like he punches himself, wasn’t brilliant. ‘Wow wow wow’ – shut up man.

  13. Luke Clarkson

    The goal weren’t that great. It was on the volley which makes it easier to
    dip and lob it into the net and the keeper really should have done better.
    Nothing compared to pedro leon’s v betis, soriano’s v ajax and calhanoglu’s
    v dortmund. All this season

  14. George b

    Everyone will say its a shit goal cuz its rooney and he plays for utd. But
    if it was anyone else everyone would be like world class. 

  15. ManiacShrimper

    Got a bit of Kylie Minogue going on there, WOW WOW A WOW WOW!

  16. Jake Nudelman

    Can everyone just agree that this was a fantastic goal instead of whinging
    about Suarez being better or Man United getting too much attention?

    The reason United gets so much attention is because of their large fan
    base. Sky Sports is a business. They want to make money so obviously
    they’ll promote stories about the world’s most followed sports team. If you
    don’t air this stuff you lose viewership to another network that will air

    And Suarez has been better than Rooney this season. Get over it. People are
    allowed to appreciate goals from other footballers; even the overpaid ones.
    It’s just notable that about 18 years ago, a Manchester United player
    chipped the keeper from similar range and that player was in the stadium on
    Saturday. That sounds like a decent story to me.

    Lastly, this reaction video is hilarious. Why on earth WOULDN’T Sky want to
    share it?

  17. Tanzil Arif

    The goal from Rooney was 3rd on that day, just behind Yaya Toure and Alex
    Tettey. I prefer Tettey’s wonder strike. Check them out. 

  18. jackolous

    wow. such goal. much distance. wow

  19. SportsFlow - All Sports News

    Steve Bruce interrupts his own press conference to watch in amazement at
    #waynerooney ‘s goal against #westhamunited . Funny to watch. #premierleague
    #manutd #hullcity 

  20. Gary Bargh

    He’s got a big fat head, he’s got a big fat head!

  21. Saqib Mahmood

    Suarez’s was better the goalkeeper was on his line and it went straight in
    dint need now bounce 

  22. kassi420

    Never see anything like it?
    I’ve seen both Xabi Alonso and Luis Suarez do the samething…

  23. TheTruckDuck

    If goalkeeper didnt have a dodo moment he would have saved EASILY.

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