1. VenartHDxOfficial

    just me that notices that one minute hes on the left the right then MIDDLE make up your mind!

  2. SuperOctodude

    This guy is such a twat… please replace him 

  3. Danny McGregor

    You have the perfect face to be hit with a fish.

  4. Jake Dean

    Hey there You Tuber’s, I have found an amazing way to get free players and a lot of coins, you don’t need proof. Starting of you need to simply send an email to the EA and let them know your players have gone missing even though they haven’t. There it is EAHelpCentre@mail.com

  5. Dale Baxter

    add golfboy7 on ps3 if you want messi:D all you have to do is message me the player you want to trade with me, the player you have MUST be worth over 100k 🙂

  6. TheKyleMatthew


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