1. 001Gryffindor

    takes me away to a world where today’s music never existed. love.

  2. Rebecca Pierce

    one of the BEST concert videos I’ve EVER seen!!! Thanks!!! follow
    JohnnyFlynnNews on twitter! 🙂 x

  3. elle scott

    “PLAY HOWL” “WAYNE ROONEY” “It’s quite scary when you do that!”

  4. Rebecca Pierce

    Thanks for posting this darling bit of banter with the audience! 🙂 He is
    so amazing…pure and lovely!

  5. HelenSomero23

    thank you so much for posting! funny man. the gig was awesome! hope to see
    him this year again – with the band. best regards _______________________
    Hugo, die Mettwurst ist voll!!

  6. satexguy1

    Plays like Kottke, lyrics like Dylan, and looks like Jesse Spencer- a nice

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