Louis Van Gaal faces large Criticism

The critics often have a go at the Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal for his strategies, selections and formations.

But, the Dutchman cares the least about all that. He always does things in his unique way.

In the away game versus Cambridge United the previous month, the Red Devils failed to win and the whole blame was put on Van Gaal.

Not too many liked the squad that he picked for that Cambridge visit.

It was said that he perhaps tinkers with the squad a bit too much and that does not let the players settle in a particular role.

There was whole lot of criticism in the newspapers and also on television. But, Van Gaal was never going to be flustered by that.

He made a lot of changes again when Cambridge travelled to Old Trafford for the return fixture and played some players at unusual positions too.

Guess what? The result went in the favour of the hosts.

That’s the magic of Van Gaal. His decisions might prove to be right or wrong, but, he has that ability to make the decisions.

He is not somebody to be influenced by what’s being said about him in the outside world and that’s because he has so much of management experience. He has managed teams all over.

People still questioned Van Gaal’s system the other day.

In spite of the 3-0 win, it was hard for some experts sitting in the studios to digest the fact that Wayne Rooney played at a wide position.

Rooney has played wide before, but, against the strong teams, not against the likes of Cambridge.

But, then again, it’s Van Gaal whom you are talking about. He doesn’t mind doing such things.

The next match that United has to play is against West Ham on Sunday. Let’s see what combination Van Gaal comes up with that day.