1. downtheline!!MUZZY!!

    can’t believe they actually made this ‘documentary’…..british overhype
    for you.

  2. JProduction1000

    Yh and for that season alone how does he get nominated for B’ondor
    considering his hardly done anything, he makes it into team of the year
    which makes no sense. Van Persie is better compared to Rooney and so is
    Suarez, Tevez and Aguero because they can do what Rooney can. Van persie
    can create goals i’ve seen him do it, I’ve seen Tevez also be a playmaker
    type of player so too Suarez and Aguero. These players perform for their
    countries, what has Rooney done, let us down.

  3. craig hillam

    evry internationall has high and low points its just football..thats y
    sumone difrent wins the world cup evry year

  4. humnera

    Come on Miri, upload the second part. we are all waiting. Pleasee

  5. Turkay Esenyl

    why dose the end just stop next time play the whole video

  6. jahcut

    Rooney isn’t the best player in the world! he is among the best for sure!
    no doubt about that, but not the best…..even though everyone will have
    his own perception of the best player…..best English player for sure,
    with Gerard!!!!!!!!!

  7. JProduction1000

    Trust me they would. Everyone said that Man utd was going to flop after
    Ronaldo left yet they still did great without him. If WR (Wayne Rooney)
    went sure he wouldn’t easily be replacable because his a versatile player,
    Man utd haven’t managed to replace Ronaldo but now Nani has stepped up his
    game since he left.If WR went then Hernandez and Welbeck would step up,
    most of WR’s goals are tap-ins by the way.Man utd’s style of play makes it
    easy and especially with Fergie around.

  8. Lewis Pennock

    Yes, ur right, finally somebody that knows wazza, People only see the goals
    he scores not the other things he does at united. And also, i personally
    dont think he plays as a striker, he really plays down at midfield.

  9. JProduction1000

    Real Fact: Van Persie has managed to win games for a team that has
    struggled this seasons. Most times single handedly because some of the
    goals he has scored has been half chances and difficult to execute.
    Rooney’s goals has mostly been tap-ins this season and penalties (8
    penalties) to Van Persie who has had 3 penalties. Van Persie is more two
    footed compared to Rooney; Van persie this season: 13 right foot goals 16
    left footed goals. Rooney: 19 right footed goals 3 left footed goals.

  10. ermirshala

    i can’t because it is to big it consist 30 minuts, and i can’t upload. but
    i am traying to find out a softwere wher i can split this video on 3 parts.

  11. MoeQ80

    a well respected english football player , more respected if he joins
    liverpool lol ! naah jst joking .. hes still in my favourite international
    team ( ENGLAND ) !!!!!

  12. Neigah88

    Fuck you to all them haterz, Wayne Rooney is god of english football 🙂

  13. gangstabib

    I didnt watch taht game but i have a video of that game in my pc….He is
    the best striver….Hope he wins the world player of the year, next year

  14. JProduction1000

    The only player I can credit it Gerrard yh he had 1 rubbish game for
    England vs Algeria but he was the focal point for the goals in which
    England scored in the world cup etc and for Hungary after a disappointing
    campaign. My views on Rooney won’t change until he performs for England,
    I’m hoping he comes good in Euros or else his a definate overrated player.

  15. thrillamf

    In his younger days at Everton he used to run at players and take them on,
    he was an exciting talent. He’s now lost that explosiveness and is too much
    of a passer. He didn’t become the player most ppl thought he would be, just
    listen to the start of this video when various ppl say he will be the best
    ever. He’s had has his peak already, it was from 16-20.

  16. Alex Rhodes

    why cant more people see that, okay he doesnt have immense skill but hes
    got unbelievable dedication and drive, and thats what makes him great

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