1. brann73

    ………….. I WONDER WHAT HIS IQ IS ? 

  2. HullMarkCA

    I would be gutted if I was Rooney too. One of only 3 or 4 players that
    actually gave his all this tournament and he just gets ripped apart by the

  3. rodrigez gozalo

    Shame that the Beer,Shirt,Merchandise,fest has ended and the
    multimillionaire team has to come home because they are not good
    enough.Also our thoughts must be with the millionare tv presenters who will
    now have to hang around in their luxury hotels and see this out.Also lets
    not forget the 300 freeloading BBC staff who have been given a tax free
    licence fee paid jolly to Brazil to “cover”this farce.Perhaps the Beeb will
    now send the superstar news reader “Hugh Edwards”over to Brazil to cover
    events “as they happen”.

  4. OmegaRaiiN

    let’s be honest the amount of chances rooney had was ridiculous he was
    literally in front of goal unmarked at least 4 times and a player of his
    standard to miss such simple shots was horrific but i don’t think he is the
    main reason they lost it’s the fkn england selector’s fault this brown
    dirty potato has the biggest liverpool hard on.

  5. DarthMuse

    Rooney is overated his world cup career proves it don’t get me wrong his a
    good player but definitely not worth the money he get paid.

  6. Mojo Khan

    This is the problem with Intentional level. The best players get pressured
    to be the best that they are in club level. But the truth is that every
    country relies on one person which is stupid. Look at Germany. A great team
    with not a one man team. Argentina had all that world class players and
    relied to much on Messi. England’s squad has quality players and Rooney is
    the only world class player. People blame him when they lose when they
    should be blaming the players and the Manager for playing him in the wrong
    positions. Of course Rooney plays in different positions at United like
    CAM. But Rooney should be England’s main strike in World cups and Euros. It
    will be hard to find a Rooney like striker for England in years to come.

  7. su harjono

    saya sangat kecewa dengan kekalahan inggris, saya suka W. Rooney, Gerrad
    dan Lampard. kenapa Lampard jadi cadangan dan main dipertandingan

  8. Benjamin Arrowsmith

    He backed Moyes who was/is dog shite and he backs Hodgson who is also in
    that genre of faecal material… these players are told what to say by
    their PR managers and agents, just puppets, overrated and overpaid

  9. Karl Clark

    Lets face it people the premier league is full of these foreign players,
    teams like Arsenal, chelsea, Manchester City, spurs have maybe one or 2
    english players in therestarting line up! the english players are well
    overrated and have expensive pricetags! players like Wayne rooney are
    idolised to much, dont get me wrong he is a class player but I would rather
    see someone else play instead of him. Thank god southampton are producing
    some young decent players otherwise we would be selecting old potatoes from
    the past.

  10. Tiyong55

    I don’t get why everyone is hating on rooney? He played well against
    uruguay. Steven gerrard, jagielka, and johnson… what the hell did they
    do? I don’t see anyone hating on them?

  11. Nathansmithba

    An absolute credit to England. Best player by far and has to carry the
    weight of an entire nation. He did not perform as we all wanted him to but
    I am personally so very happy Wayne Rooney is English. Well done Wayne

  12. N0rthT

    Sorry England! Cheer on America now! We’re going to win the cup! If not,
    who really cares, but it’d be neat to win. Not like winning the Super Bowl
    or the little league World Series, but us Americans would be pretty psyched
    if America wins:)

  13. Lewis Brevitt

    You cant say england are crap they are in the top 10 international teams in
    the world

  14. Aniq Ahmad

    At least Wayne have balls to admit that he was devastated with England
    Woeful performance World cup while Woy Hodgson and Captain Stevie Starfish
    still living in dreamland while England suffers consequences of being boot
    out in the WC group stage. 

  15. Hatam Al-Shabrami

    You guys better win on Tuesday! Good luck :)

  16. bascet1

    Should pick 11 championship players who actually want to play for their
    country and not pretend their injured when freindlies come up!! Pretending
    your injured when selected for your country!! Jesus they should be banned
    for life!! See Italy when they bombed out the head of their FA and the
    manager both quit!! Not the English though no!! Always thinking about
    themselves not the good of the national team? Greg Dyke loves the camera
    and won’t sack Roy as he doesn’t wanna go himself and sacking roy may start
    a landslide! Get Dyke the fuck out and get an actual ex footballer to do
    the job of head of the FA

  17. bascet1

    Fuck off wayne!! Now you can go on your holiday to Vegas now!! Don’t try to
    lie to liars!! You have been told by a press officer what to say!!
    Positive!! England played ok for 30 mins against Italy!! They were scared
    of the Uruguay team you could see that at that anthems!! England = highest
    paid lowest pride!! 

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