1. Aditya Garg

    Big fan of yours please add me on origin fifaknight1998

  2. adam Coulter

    I hav enough money for Rooney or shud I save up for toure. Which one?

  3. Samuel Younes

    Hahaha Awesome Video dude! bought Wayne Rooney right after and he hasn’t
    And just in case anyone was wondering, he has terrific diving headers, His
    volleys are the best for me though

  4. Evkoz Football

    hahha more green than hermit the frog!!!

  5. joseph cony

    Shrek like strength, best thing I’ve heard ever


    Dat intro <3 love you for that video <3
    1000000 likes for that

  7. Leo Wang

    This is great video editing! Keep it up mate :)

  8. Jordan Milch

    “More green then Kermit the Frog” – Laughing my ass off hahahahahahahahaha

  9. TheFifa11videos

    Can somebody tell me what does this guy wanna say?

  10. leebunting1

    Awesome video, funny, straight to the review, lots of detail, awesome
    graphics around the edge (border etc), loved the intro where he was
    standing in the middle. Youve gained yourself a subscriber

  11. RonaldoCR75

    Yup! Defo! Sherlock cracked the case people! Sliders in an online game!
    Certainly man!

  12. Abhimanyu Mike

    broooooooooo….this was just next level video…man fuck ksi,itani etc
    etc…rcr75 is in the town man…he video editing+the templates+etc+etc=
    amazing next level stuff…and long shots!!!!!!!! dayummmmmmmm u are a
    fucking god!!!!!!

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