1. Puma Kickerz

    Awesome video rooney is awesome
    + this video kind off remins me of my rooney video that i post just a week
    ago check it out.

  2. TheKunovic

    Rooney will prove all his critics wrong at the WORLDCUP in Brazill. He’s
    started preparing

  3. Lucas Orazi

    Nice video, another music will be better, maybe Infinite from Eminem, nice

  4. Johnny Danell

    Rooney is the complete player, utter world class. And I say that as a
    Liverpool fan. Gotta say I hate this fake widescreen effect though, just
    makes it hard to see.

  5. Dean Roberts

    Gonna sign for our blues eventually… just saying.. 

  6. CDarwinful

    Thats it? Thats all he did in a year? LOL!

  7. Stephanie ikenz

    Really great video it’s a good thing Rooney didn’t man utd!!!!!

  8. kaleswar mogan

    Rooney is like the most complete player!

  9. Praveen Elango

    He needs to resurrect the fire and hunger that used to thrive within him…

  10. MONster Truck60

    my faivrote players are rooney van persie and christano ronaldo all pure
    class players

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