1. luke260176

    Cordon is well funny and obviously liked by the top footballers as they let him take the piss out of them, bravo!!!

  2. irakiii

    i wouldve like to see him do that celebration in the world cup
    but he failed to score ….

  3. Roxycan21

    HaHa some people are so dumb!!! of course its not wayne!! thats the JOKE!!! durrrrrrrr.

  4. goofysbitch

    of course it isnt wayne you morons, he is a footballer, not a dancer, thats why its funny, does it really need to be spelled out to you guys for you to understand that? muppets

  5. SpArTa75633

    definately not wayne rooney. could tell by body shape if you pay attention closely. they would not put a hood up for no reason.

  6. TheSeanTaylor7


    I doubt it wayne. Would be good if it was. But corden just brightens up my day!

  7. ohhtayla

    now this is funny.
    + is that really wayne at the end?

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