1. Ikkauku206

    Oli is like the english version of Ronaldo. At least Ronaldo has the skills to back it up though

  2. silentrami

    @14:06 he looked soooooo serious and angry when asked about the WC2010

  3. silentrami

    proof that even the greatest freestyler can’t play the game… this oli guy would get fucked in an official match

  4. Casper777

    @Kevman225 thats the point. i’ve seen many freestyler but no one became a pro.

  5. Kevman225

    mate, u can freestyle but can you actually play football on a field?????

  6. bigboredthing

    @Naaaaasri and oh yeah, if you mean hollie, she’s one of me best mates, goes to school with me, so be nice please.

  7. js8866

    @f7stealth To be honest, there are much better freestyles in the UK…. And professional footballers don’t practice freestyling LOL, so obviously he could beat them in a “1 v 1 Battle”….

  8. TheJonesy102

    well, i youtub-ed ‘oli hayes’ and i had nightmares for a week !

  9. The10ronaldinho80

    whats the name of the song when Oli is talking??? @6:41

  10. gh3rockz95

    @Jaylboy16 If you find out just leave it in my inbox yeah? 🙂

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