1. dfstarborn

    I’ve stopped watching this as its a joke the best player there got hit by a stupid tire then he gets sent home does not prove anything the girl got through the tires because was did it at a snails pace. Its a joke the girl would never be able to do what the two boys are able to do with the ball.

  2. DonZeeLee

    @jonnyd89 Sorry didn’t realise i filled youtube forms under oath.

  3. jonnyd89

    @DonZeeLee your blatantly a peado she is only a kid and says your 30

  4. tpcgoon

    Get off me!!! >:D meow im gunna kill u mother

  5. JDizzle1731

    hah the tallest guy got the middle seat with the pole on the ceiling

  6. xXunkillableYoshiXx

    I gotta say u pause it at the most intense points lol

  7. xDaalleeeeX

    how the guy in the polo shirt didnt get thru i dno, thought he was quality

  8. ZigglerProductions

    @Adamboiii12 i agree, and you see them again at 9:32 and 9:36

  9. mcukmm2133

    all through this show im saying to myself… ”get on with it” . constant talking about the ppl, and whats going on, ”will she do enough?’ ” wayne seems impressed, now he has to pick three”, blah blah

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