Wayne Rooney Song

Alex Ferguson has revealed that Wayne Rooney no longer would like to play for Manchester United. We on FM104’s Strawberry Alarm Clock set this tune together to sum up the emotions of enthusiasts and ABU’s alike! Published & performed by Terry Fahy & Jim-Jim Nugent. Developed by Pat Gill.
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  1. ib80085

    He might go to City? orrr he might just rape them with an overhead kick. ROONAYY!

  2. Poaro1984

    Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney
    Pele Pele Pele Pele
    He scored the bicycle goal
    And made City cry 😛


    He is not just in form yet, he likes to ride a BICYCLE more than score goals 😀

    Pozdrav, brate!

  3. MU2511

    which team does he play for again??!! ha hes red devil for ever!!

  4. ThePardi10

    hahahahahahaha you were wrong hahahaha king roo is back!

  5. SuperSrbin97

    I feel that he is coming back to his form i can’t wait to see him in his ful form 😀

  6. Gerjabinks

    @92adamb That is the dumbest thing I have heard, players come to United because of the history, not who’s playing on the team… they come because the likes of Best, Cantona, Cole and many others have wore the United jersey..I dont think Sneijder would come to united just because Rooney is there do you?

    So what happens if Wycombe signed Rooney? does that mean they will be in talks with Messi too?

  7. 10ManchesterUnited

    I hate that bitch who has a cigarette in her mouth, but Rooney you’re the best!!!!!!

  8. xddxluvsu

    ha, so much hate for rooney, well fuck u lot. GGMU. snm.

  9. TranceLucentEFC

    @kulpik94 HAHA RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS? It’s the Kaizer Chiefs you bell sniff!

  10. hungryherbie

    @stansmithcia really!!!these footballers sign contracts to keep their options opened
    and if something better comes along I’m afraid their off no loyalty whatsoever disgraceful really

  11. AlbertzRfc72

    He only signed a new contract coz of the money
    So he can pay for more sex lol

  12. stansmithcia

    He got a new 5 year contract he cant go till2015

  13. jordancarrollx

    @121mage do u no anything??? he cant he signed a 5 year contract

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