1. Sean Pek

    Its all about the moneymoneymoney.

  2. Kyler Luttrell

    Rooney should never leave utd

  3. 8dunn

    haha yeah cheating on his wife was clearly no biggie

  4. SPQRapid

    too bad he will want to leave again

  5. Saqib Mahmood

    Overated Englishman as per usual 

  6. tylerdurden2006

    I agree with what you say but stop with the all caps. It’s fucking annoying

  7. Curtis I

    1/10 of the people living in this world supports utd lol

  8. Benjamin Onarheim

    wayen says this every year but the said truth is is he might never go its
    not sctually siad its actually delightfull

  9. pancadevata

    i guess he never learned frm his mistake, because he just did (transfer
    request). he’s a great player, no doubt, but too much drama. when the club
    is no longer about him, he wants to leave. he has to realize that he’ll be
    never be bigger than the club.

  10. Martin Knutsen

    Hope that he is saying that again to David Moyse

  11. Reg Kray

    Wayne, you have too much class for ManUre. If you leave now, you will be
    respected by everyone in football.

  12. Rosi Stamenkova

    Rooney don’t leave Manchester United…

  13. ibringit987

    and yet here we are months later this interview he goes and does it again

  14. Martin Knutsen

    Hope that he is saying that to David Moyes

  15. Jpafc10

    Seriously every football related video on Youtube, the comments are full of
    a bunch of idiots. Like look at some of the comments below, “Rooney you
    good ball kicker”, “Rooney you a beast”, “Rooney best kicker in the

  16. Justin Ursua

    rooney shut up ( ima united fan ) as soon as RVP arrived at old trafford U
    just stood there havin a hissy fit over RVP on who the new star player is.
    just 1 more thing MUFC doesn’t revolve around you, other players want to
    score too

  17. Shan Rend

    didn’t understand a word he said and doubt the reporter did aswell

  18. steelpoo steel

    I bet your comment is a troll…

  19. Oisin Connaughton

    Rooney was just hitting his peak

  20. RollForever88


  21. Dhanish Krishna

    Rooney.. watch this video again !!

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