1. themaxwell900

    This brings tears to my eyes and shivers down my spine. More than a game, more than club. It’s true love. Manchester United.

  2. ash85rai

    @sterRDLK well the same proffesionals voted giggs(legend but didn’t deserve the award either) over ronaldo and bale last year.. Why is Forlan debatable? cos he couldn’t make it at United? Tevez and Higuain are as good as Rooney if not better. Same goes for Drogba and Torres. Prove me wrong. I forgot Ibra, like i said off the back of my mind. I haven’t seen enough of Di Natele to judge him.

  3. SteRDLK

    @ash85rai Villa, Eto’o yes, Drogba, Torres were, Forlan debateable, Tevez, Higuain no. Rooney wasn’t consistent enough when he wasn’t mature as a footballer. When he hit 23, his consistency improved ten-fold. God knows why you didn’t mention Ibrahimovic. Baffling exclusion.

    The term world class loses it’s appeal when morons like the Redknapps, Shearer et al use it because they don’t have a clue what they are talking about.

    I can’t think of a single player better than Rooney in the same role.

  4. SteRDLK

    @ash85rai They aren’t as hyped because they aren’t as good. They’ve been doing it for mid-table or Europa League teams, while Rooney has been doing it for title winning and Champions League contenders.

    By the end of January 2010, when the voting is done, Rooney had scored 6 (six) more league goals than Drogba. Ergo, he was voted by his fellow professionals as the best player in the league up to that point.

  5. ash85rai

    @ash85rai and lastly there are LOTS of strikers as good as or better than Rooney. Tevez, Villa, Eto, Drogba, Torres, Forlan, Higuain off the back of my mind. If Ronney is world class than you have to assume there are about 8-10 world class strikers alone, nevermind midfielders and defenders. The term “world class” loses its appeal. Fact is Rooney has never been consistent enough, he has 3 good games and goes missing the next 3. His talent and potential has never been in doubt.

  6. ash85rai

    Firstly, none of those players you mention are as hyped as Rooney, not even remotely close lol. Second, i have no idea what season you are talkin about but Drogba WAS the better player when rooney took the individual award, look at the stats, has he not outscored Rooney for the same amount of games? I dont follow the serie-a as much as premier league and la liga but dinatale does have some serious stats, i didn’t know he was THAT good really.

  7. SteRDLK

    @ash85rai Di Natale has 93 goals over the past 4 seasons Edinson Cavani has scored 63 goals over the past 3 seasons. Kevin Gameiro has scored 43 goals over the last 2 seasons.

    Drogba started 30 league games and was subbed out 5 times, plus 6 substitute appearances. Rooney started 25, subbed out 4, plus 3 substitute appearances.

    So, from August to January in the 2009/10 season, Rooney wasn’t better than Drogba?

    You obviously don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

  8. ash85rai

    @SteRDLK i see what youre tring to do there but to answer your question NO they’re not. You need consistency for a couple of seasons atleast. By the way Drogba doesn’t start and finish every game. Rooney pretty much starts and finishes every game (no matter how bad his form) so i won’t be surprised if both of them had equal playing time. And there IS a clear bias in England , no way was Rooney the best player that year. It wasn’t even his best season despite scoring his highest.

  9. SteRDLK

    @ash85rai Didier Drogba played 10 more league games last year, and only scored 2 elsewhere. Rooney was given player of the year because his fellow professionals voted him as so! Nothing to do with bias!

    Also, Didier Drogba became a professional aged 21, Wayne Rooney did so aged 16. Makes a difference to their quality at certain stages of their career…

    So are Antonio Di Natale, Edinson Cavani, Moussa Sow, Kevin Gameiro, Papiss Demba Cissé world class? Well?

  10. ash85rai

    @SteRDLK how old is Drogba? and yet he scored as many goals as your white pele, without any penalties. Even when Rooney had his best ever season of goal tally Drogba still outscored him despite going to African Nations Cup and yet Rooney was given the player of the year award. Reminds me of Giggs getting it over Ronaldo and Bale getting it last year lol. Extreme media bias. Keep believing your media hype he is the best thing since sliced bread.

  11. SteRDLK

    @ash85rai So are Antonio Di Natale, Edinson Cavani Moussa Sow, Kevin Gameiro, Papiss Demba Cissé world class? Is Didier Drogba not world class? What a deluded idiot you are.

  12. SteRDLK

    @mazzadude None of them 3 score consistently enough any to be considered world class due to age/injuries/talent. Suarez has “4” goals in English football. Tevez no, Aguero no chance, Berbatov no. So, you’ve named 7 strikers, 4 of whom aren’t comparable to Rooney. None of those 7 has ever scored a Champions League Final goal. This is a fact. It’s the highest level of club football, of these only Rooney has done it!

    Please, name these dozens of midfielders, I dare you! Make me laugh please!

  13. mazzadude

    @hamet1234 lol you are so deluded. I suppose fletcher is as good as messi and valencia is better than ronaldo? lol such a tard.

  14. hamet1234

    @mazzadude HAHA, Nani not World class??! Man, Nani was one of the best players last season. And Rooney is the best player in Premiership, and that’s a fact. And if Anderson aren’t world class, why does he play for Man United? And Smalling is just a couple of steps to become one of the best defender in the world. Stop talking with your asshole and open your mouth.

  15. mazzadude

    @SteRDLK As much as I hate the guy RVPersie is better. As are both Drogba and Torres. In terms of scoring, which is the main aim of a ‘world class striker’ Suarez is better. Tevez maybe, Aguero is alot better. Berbatov, and those are just the other strikers who put more away than him, and are better footballers. There are dozens of other midfielders who put away more and are better technically. Now you say he’s world class yet we havn’t even taken any other leagues into account.

  16. ash85rai

    @IkErLiSsArRaGuE in what universe does a STRIKER scoring 11 league goals in the previous season classify as world class? Idiot. I guess Tevez and Berbatov must be gods then. And call others a prick for disagreeing. Thats you showing your class. He’s a good player, a fantastic one infact but world class? not by ANY stretch of imagination.

  17. SteRDLK

    @mazzadude There aren’t hundreds of players who have played in 3 of the last 4 finals. God, do people on the Internet actually read what other’s right? Fucking moron!

    I can name a total of 3 strikers who could be considered better than Rooney on their best form. One of them has scored 1 goal since a £50m transfer, 1 of them is going downhill as he is aged 33, and one of them is more injury prone than Louis Saha. I’d love to see these 10 strikers better than Wazza. Go on, give us a laugh!

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