Wayne Rooney On England

Find out the views of the England striker on the 2010 World Cup, the Euro Qualifiers and what it feels like to wear an England shirt.
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  1. Chaza1234

    @4gn3 There was official documentation stating a game in which they kicked a ball playing in china during the 2nd and 3rd century. However this does not define it as “Soccer” just as a game in which they kicked a ball. So we can assume the game maybe completely different. The official rules and the official game were created in England. FACT. As for Wayne Rooney, he is in a team (Man United) who are arguably the 3rd – 5th best side in the world. He cant be average. Overrated though yes 😉

  2. 4gn3

    @Chaza1234 soccer was fisrts created in china and england are overrated and rooney is the most overpaid and overrated player on the planet

  3. CodeIamx

    @SpecialFifaMoments I must agree.The English clubs not only produce pretty good football players and managers,but also give a start to many young upcoming players and transform them into Amazing players.If Cristiano Ronaldo had not gone under Sir Alex Ferguson’s wing,I don’t think he would be a great of a striker as he is today playing for Real Madrid.My hats off to English premiere league Football.

  4. Chaza1234

    England: Football (Is the royal name for the sport, the queen states this)
    Germany : Fussball
    Spanish : fútbol
    Brazil: Futebol

    Most nations call the game football. These nations are the most dominant of all football nations. You decide what the game is called….. France, USA all call the game soccer.. but they don’t really have as good records as lets say brazil. England created the game; And spain are the champions.

  5. AnTiVid


    Kevin Keegan

    Paul Scholes

    Micheal Owen

    Bobby Charlton

    Frank Lampard

    Steven Gerrard

    … to name some more great english footballers.

  6. SpecialFifaMoments

    @ronfan69 Uhmm Hahahahahahahahahahhahaha “HOW MANY FOOTBALL LEGENDS ARE ENGLISH? 0? 1?” Ok Lets start from the top:
    Alan Shearer
    Paul Gascoigne
    David Beckham
    Peter Shilton
    Teddy Sheringham
    Mark Wright
    Ian Wright

  7. ronfan69

    @SpecialFifaMoments It’s about how big the population of a country is, not the size of the land, you retard. England has a similar population to the great footballing nations, Germany, Spain etc. Football is as popular in England as in those countries. It even has a bigger and better league system. Yet they are FUCKING SHIT. ONLY SPASTICS LIKE YOU THINK ENGLAND PRODUCE THE BEST PLAYERS. THEY ARE OVER-HYPED SHIT CUNTS. HOW MANY FOOTBALL LEGENDS ARE ENGLISH? 0? 1? THE REST ARE MEDIA HYPED FAGGOTS.

  8. SpecialFifaMoments

    @ronfan69 OMFG, “England are by far the shittest at it, for a nation of there size” For a fucking nation of our size, mate insted of of wanking off your dog how about you learn geography you cunt, the British Isles are small compared to America, Russia, France, Germany, Argentina, Brazil. and if u dont include Wales, Scotland and Ireland, we are fucking small, and look at the players we produce, the best players in the world?? so fuck off before I wipe it off your mums cock nose.

  9. ronfan69

    @SpecialFifaMoments Football is the main sport of the country to do with people and kicking balls. England just put the rules we all love to it. Had England never existed someone else would have created a non-contact football variation. And plus, England are by far the shittest at it, for a nation of there size and how popular the sport is there.

  10. SpecialFifaMoments

    The official word is “Football”, England were the one who made football anyway, if it wasn’t for us, no-one would be playing the beautiful game that is football. So STFU you fat american cunts, go learn the real rules you fat bastards.

  11. tigranater

    @Paxobo Lol I was being sarcastic. TheBoyWalsh100 was the retarded “yank” who thought, and was adamant, that soccer was the official name for the sport. I was making fun of him 😛

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