Wayne Rooney – Not Afraid – 2010 – HD

Hey! Movie I made specifically for manusite.pl The movie exhibiting expertise and targets Wayne Rooney in the Manchester United 🙂 Wayne Rooney is the greatest shooter in ManUTD. I Hope you like it. Please Charge and COMMENT and of course, if you want, SUBSCRIBE! Tune : Eminem – Not Afraid www.manusite.pl www.wajsu17ronaldo9.com
Video Rating: four / five

  1. Djidja91Le

    why the song isn*t from original key???!!! 😀
    bravo Rooney!!!!!!!!!

  2. Laulelol

    Wayne Rooney is one of the best player in Premier League (I think he’s better than Tévez, Gerrard or Drogba). Glory Man United !

  3. Resistolitin

    I believe he is a good soccer player but, to call him the White PELE!!!!?
    Give me a break. lol

    btw nice video, the music kinda ruins it.

  4. Demolushion


    I do agreed there might be alot of better strikers in PL but overall gameplay I would say, few are close.

  5. r0ze1h

    @cnnre2005 You think Eminem is horrible? It seems to be a fault of your own if you don’t like Eminem.

  6. resilienceman

    @arsenal92Gunners Actually just look at Miroslav Klose in the Bundesliga now his goalscoring record is poor and he’s deemed to be World Class i actually agree with you about Rooney being overrated though but no one really says hes World Class anyway except for glory hunters and Man Utd fans oh sorry i already included them when i said glory hunters “My Bad”

  7. arsenal92Gunners

    @ericorenato88 he is very overrated. A supposedly world class striker would never go like 6 month without scoring. There are alot of strikers in the premier league better then him. Tevez, drogba, torres, v.persie, anelka, berbabatov

  8. xDm5x9tZpp

    Man City are expected to win the race to sign Wayne Rooney after offering him 230 Grans a week

  9. newpageone

    that final shot of the team chasing after wayne and then zooming out to show edwin like that… scorcese couldn’t have put together a better move! WOW.

  10. cnnre2005

    3 facts about football videos:
    1.- They always have horrible music.
    2.- They always have stupid effects that gives you headache.
    3.- They always have stupid spam annotations.

  11. ericorenato88

    so fucking overated… not even Messi has half this guys fame… imagine if Messi was English and had blue eyes

  12. THERWL75

    film zajebisty pzdr dal tego kto wymyslił a jak ktoś mi da palec w góre to przysiegam że go znajde i wsadze mu go do dupy

  13. flipingidiot2

    he will shit himself when he faces city’s New Bosnian signing Edin Dzeko

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