Wayne Rooney Meets Paddy Crerand MUTV – Part 1

One particular of the world’s biggest sports stars talks to Manchester United’s channel MUTV with Paddy Crerand in this exclusive interview. They examine Wayne’s existence and job so far, in this not to be missed fifty percent hour. www.macizle.com
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  1. someone2307

    Awesome interview thanks for the upload! Any chance of getting Scholes’ interview with Paddy? I’ve been looking for it for ages and can’t seem to find the video anywhere. Thanks a lot.

  2. thetoon99

    you should upload clips of the paddy crerand phone in show

  3. thetoon99

    these interviews hes started doing this season are great i missed this on mutv but i seen the scholes,giggs,flech and carrick 1.

  4. marmor9

    You are talkin about obvious Wayne. I feel nothin is a bit obviously with you…

  5. Stephanavich

    @a99999999999987 and ur a little bitch

  6. a99999999999987

    bull shit talkin lol he’s gonna leave soon tbh

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