1. rorrt

    This shows the ridiculous rules that the FA have set. Because the referee doesnt see the elbowing, therefore, he can’t go back and give a card. Or Wigan can’t challenge the decision to the FA?

    And Rooney later proves that coming back from 3 goals i think it was, and shouting “Fucking c’mon” into a camera…No, no, no, for that a 3 match ban!

    So swearing trumps elbowing? Id rather my son swear after a goal, then elbow someone for NO REASON!!!

  2. xdxravenv2

    The thing is Rooney didn’t swing his elbow, he put it out as he was running past mccarthy and brushed him. I remember gerrard elbowing a player against pompey yet no one said anything about sait Stevie g who is no better or worse than Rooney.

  3. sk0nz

    maybe because /watch?v=gFhmUbHbW2o and that elbow on Michael Brown(from Gerrard aswell), youtube has deleted it, he didnt get a ban from that…..so why should FA go after rooney ?

  4. Nick Train

    Typical hoe the FA angelsprotect their fairies isn’t it and surprise surprise he’s a Man Utd player…If that was balotelli that would have been more then a 3 match ban by the FA…the EPL is the jokest league around corrupt to the hilt…going for glory..chasing the money….It’s not a simple game of footy like before its a buisness…

  5. Nick Train

    You stupid mug. Hitting someone..i.e trying to inflict pain and violence on someone is not the same as trying to get them a yellow card or sent off…God why do we have so many dumb ppl in this world.

  6. sk0nz

    Iniesta and Xavi dont need to do that cause they dive all the time, they just go to the ground and get a freekick or penalty instead of hurting other players. Thats just as bad as hitting another player. /watch?v=U2UC3P6PC2E and /watch?v=9gZy2agnHfU thats just two of them….

  7. sk0nz

    you a LFC fan ? /watch?v=m0ML3eseP4M and /watch?v=gFhmUbHbW2o just 2 show u two out of many challenges from Gerrard that dosnt get a yellow or a charge……..did u complain about that 2 ?

  8. GeordieBOYZ98

    @NathanHNUFC ikr cabaye got banned for that and Ronney doesn’t for that, the F.A is stupid and btw Newcastle all the way ;). Also when Kompany got sent off for the Nani tackle it was 2 footed but he won the ball and Nani carried on playing like it was okay. Ronneys was worse then so he should at the least be sent off.

  9. 480charlton

    the thing about rooney is hes not even that good a player really compared to the likes ronaldo or messi hes angry all the time cause he knows hes shit you wouldnt get iniesta or messi doing this. Could of broke mccarhtys jaw

  10. JAYW0151

    same old man utd always cheating getting decisions sorting there own fixture list out. ferguson has something over the FA, we all no. just some1 hurry up an bomb that shitole old trafford which isnt even in manchester an lets get on with honest football fuckin cheatin scumbags

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