Wayne Rooney is a dad!

England striker Wayne Rooney and his spouse Coleen have turn into mother and father for the 1st time. They’ve named their son Kai Wayne Rooney. . Adhere to us on twitter at twitter.com
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  1. NHL11360

    Rooney likes Xbox-360 better then PS3



  2. xiMozzyx

    @Riponripon haha hes gettin paid £100,000 a week and you think hes an ass?!? tbh your the fuckin bum here

  3. Ronaldo9brazilian

    @Riponripon are you batty? are you an arab? speak properly

  4. Szabmeister

    love it how man u fans insult scousers, yet their best player is one…

  5. hannu1996


  6. dx619andspear

    he was bron in liverpool cuz thers only a hosptial in liverpool u skank and besides hes dad is a man u legend i dont think hes gonna go for liverpool

  7. sophie5139

    haha he was born in liverpool lol we love u liverpool soon he will be playin 4 liverpool FUCK MAN U THERE SHIT REBECCA

  8. warriorprince1010

    Everyone knows soldiers are braver than sportsmen why harp on about it, it is tiresome.

  9. Dryfanny

    Those are the real heroes those lads in Afganistan not over paid brain dead footballers.

  10. Dryfanny

    Exactly who cares about dumb and dumber. When there are brave lads getting killed in Afganistan everyday and this nonscence takes front page news.

  11. spoogi718

    haha he was born in liverpool lol we love you liverpool we do we love you liverpool we do oh liverpool we love you

  12. DotsyOO7

    Congrats Wazza and Coleen from James, hopefully this will help spur him on to be an even greater player for us.GLORY GLORY Man United-FUCK L.F.C.

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