1. ROllivierre68

    now this is my i hate poeple who dis respect man city
    at @0:43 but allows remember we are from the city of manchester the east lands

  2. bigdsears

    this is the most awesomest kick ever in the universe of kicks that are awesome.

  3. bkjawesomeattack

    and if you press 3 instead of 5 it looks like the people are dancing

  4. ongamexx

    ronaldinho’s bicycle kick against villareal was better! 😀

  5. kemoblue4u

    The White Pele?? how dare you insult Pele! Rooney is great but Pele? come on now

  6. ruideng111

    So overrated. great player no doubt but in the same way that teddy sheringham was a great player. he’s still nowhere near shearer.

    still, thats an absolutely amazing goal

  7. aphiliation1

    although i do appreciate the comments on how factual they are the reason why i commented on rooney being the white pele as every united fan out there knows thats how his song goes amongst supporters, i wasnt comparing him in skill levels the same as pele as he has a long way to go yet but given time i’m sure he will silence a few critics!

  8. volcanictruth

    @htime9119 I am not denying Rooneys class or form but when you start comparing him with world class players like Maradona and Pele than that is taking things too far. Wayne Rooney might be a great player at a club level, no denying that he can handle pressure at that level, but when he dons the colors of his country he loses it. I commented on this video purely bcos the video compares him to Pele

  9. htime9119

    @volcanictruth a club team like man utd is an assembly of the best players the team can buy. you think a team of all one nationality can compete with madrid, utd, arsenal, barca…anyway, i just cant value your input if you think rooney is amateur. he isnt pele, but he isn’t supposed to be. any coach in england(probably other leagues too) have said they commend rooney for his skill and work ethic and would sign him in a heartbeat, he is out of form, not class

  10. volcanictruth

    I just scored a bicycle kick in my back yard that dosent make me Pele…we all know how miserable Rooney’s game is when he plays against world class players during tournaments such as the World cup, these so called stars are reduced to school kids…please dont insult Pele and the world of football by comparing an amateur like Rooney with a world beater like Pele

  11. alwayskanooo

    love hoq after he scores it he looks like he could run forever

  12. thetuberperson

    @bkjawesomeattack hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahhahah you just made my day

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