1. dalmatinac09

    i really don’t like man u, but no one can deny the fact that this goal is without a doubt superb

  2. KayFigzonlythebest

    i love wayne rooney!!!!!! amazing play by an amazing player

  3. slowerkladkaka

    wayne rooney best man in manchester united

  4. soccerblues2000

    yeah i know
    i love Man. United
    they deserve a goal like that

  5. ps3legendtjr

    the goal of the century n i h8 united but no1 can refuse that goal will last through the ages

  6. RighttAboveIt10

    “What a goal, in what a time, in what a place….what a player…”

  7. Jonsk12394

    @bronxbombersboy17 – Haha, did you see the group USA met to qualify for the World cup? Fucking Kazakhstan could’ve qualify if they were in that group

  8. soccerblues2000

    yeah i know
    but i did want england to win the world cup

  9. soccerblues2000

    yeah i know
    but i wanted ENGLAND to win the world cup cause i USED
    to live in england for 4 years

  10. bronxbombersboy17

    its sad that people say americans know nothing and suck att football/soccer. just look at the world cup. out of almost 200 teams we made it to the top 16

  11. marcopineda408

    I jizzed my pants when i saw him kick the ball… that’s a good goal just to bust on nut of off lmao jk too much info.
    But yes good goal!:D

  12. soccerblues2000

    well in america we call it soccer

  13. HipPopIsWACK

    @soccerblues2000 lol foreal? im in garland too dawg

  14. soccerblues2000

    dude i’m from america and i ADORE soccer

  15. HipPopIsWACK

    @Rocky390 ur from america, you dont know shit about footy son

  16. isaackimm

    Are you serious! That was awesome. What a goal!

  17. isaackimm

    Are you serious! That was awesome. What a goal

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