Wayne Rooney 2010 Goals and Skills

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  1. CharlieEdwards15

    At his best when shagging prostitutes 😉

  2. MrRyandunny

    @majortom321 Because half the time when you post videos with commentary they get taken down…
    Its happened me countless times… when I first posted this video before this guy robbed it after my channel got taken down it had commentary but then audio got muted.

  3. iFlyyHD

    song fits it perfect and rooney is such a complete player…im subbing rating and liking it

  4. sirivrhnje1


  5. zXImpeRiuMXz

    @RelativeBadger WOW your calling one of the worlds proven best forwards overated lol ur clearly not A FOOTBALL FAN it isnt about what team u support stop lying to urself …… really….?

  6. VagosTheRipper

    he should have saved some goals against Wolves for this year .. 😛

  7. majortom321

    @minermax4444 absolutely. This music is awful. Infact.. why can’t these retards post videos without their shit soundtracks. every time i click a vid.. its got awful music.
    I would much prefer hearing commentary… and the crowd..

  8. camilius11

    Rooney+Valencia… =The best players! Greetings from Ecuador!

  9. portsmouthy

    @manunitedplya Screw u and Ur valencia

  10. portsmouthy

    Fuck Rooney and fuck man utd ,, welcome to my anti-utd channel 😉

  11. MrRyandunny

    And also at the end it clearly says …. Created By: Ryan Donovan….

  12. RelativeBadger

    Rooney – the most overrated footballer to ever step foot on any football field, including my local under 11s

  13. MrRyandunny

    Wtf this one of my videos I had on my old account…….Wtf are doing robbing it???
    For proof look at 2:17 – 2:19 it says RyanDunny on the bottom Left!!!!

  14. supercrazydanishgame

    Rooney hasnt scored a wondergoal for over 2 years now. Its a pitty cuz all of his goals are regular, or well done by other players. Hope he makes a screamer for his comeback 🙂

  15. neeraj270494

    @jakbonba u score n show it buddy… 😛

  16. jafsil

    What a pity he couldnt do that for England…

  17. minermax4444

    disgraceful music, ruins it in my opinion.

  18. jameskilmeen

    @DOCTORkuvalda no, no, rooney + valencia = goals 🙂

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