Joga Bonito – Cristiano Ronaldo vs Wayne Rooney

Cristiano Ronaldo’s crew : Robbie Kean , Cesc Fabregas , and Ronaldo of program Wayne Rooney’s staff : Rio Ferdinand , wayne rooney and i dont no de other one ­čÖé plizzz charge and comment!!
Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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  3. samgrange92

    i’d off kicked that ball alot harder at ronaldo tbh

  4. leandro8466

    so faltaram o gaúcho e falcão para os times ficararem completos.

  5. tom2253

    @angelcrissmindfreak4 put you in your place- sunshine underground mate

  6. DickHead69able

    @lilmano9 they are both there you mong! -_-

  7. pepinho89

    wow fabregas is so young in this video!

  8. onlyme1906

    C. Ronaldo, as always scores a goal!!!
    Even in this “game”…

  9. cocktalex

    thnx for video 5/5 wattch my video ronaldo&ronaldinho freestyle training,ronaldo free kick,…

  10. indian60314

    @angelcrissmindfreak4 Put you in your Place – The Sunshine Underground

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