1. ryan12321123

    the best way to build up your team is by complaining to EA – i did it lol and im a bad lier and they gave me 25,000 coins just because i told them “my computer crashed when I bought a gold all player pack for 25,000 coins but I didnt get any players when I went back on” – honestly trust me EA are stupid . Just email them on

    EA-SupportUltimateTeam@live.co­­­­.uk and they will usually give you “your coins back” lol

  2. 1mG3ttingD1zy

    @ALonelyMiner The people that post on machinima’s content has decreased soo much now, they are just getting in the money now by posting in as many videos as they can, not even worriying about the content, it seems everyone is driven by the money 🙁

  3. bjolsengutt

    @gangstayute12 You spin the RS 180 degrees. Start in the opposite direction of what your player is running and rotate it to the direction your player is running in

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