Coins Were Thrown At Rooney

Rooney got ready to play on the field when a fan of an opposite team threw coins at him the day after when Manchester United paid Wayne Rooney the huge amount of money in Britain.

He took the coin from the grass handed it over to referee and started his game. Rooney’s response was exact and established. He scored the goal later in the game and brought United home with 2-0 at London Crystal palace.

Eric Cantona initiated a kick onto the face of a fan who had criticized him, about 19 years ago. Coins thrown in anger and disrespect can be blind. The Crystal palace is not a palace infact it’s a stadium with its front row almost touching the distance of the players in the ground.

Rooney instead of showing anger or aggression challenged his own reputation and got into the match when he scored the second consecutively goal in Saturdays match. The second kick was the best one in the match. After six minutes Rooney crowned it. Juan Mata and Evra set up the sharp attack down the left, before Rooney permitted a wing with a line of four defenders receding in front of him.

Balancing the ball like a ballerina on his left foot he allowed the ball to come across his body before relating a touch with his right foot that fired it forcefully and accurately into the area of the net. This kind of ability made Rooney value his wages. It is not a skill to be taught. It is natural that comes out with technique and exceptional character. Very few players can do the same. Rooney after the match said on television that I was trying to let my football do the talking.

The real and ongoing question surrounding Rooney have been about his prolonged discussion before he signed a new agreement for United this Friday that binds him until 2019.