1. Jason Nugroho

    It helped a lot……..
    Now my shot is the best in my club

  2. al dinie

    its supposed to be 20-30 metres range shot not that close……how you
    goin’ to see the effect of the ball??

  3. srtolo1

    Juninho hat nicht aufgehoert! Spielt zurzeit bei Vasco da Gama in
    Brasilien! 😉

  4. Simon Whitely

    Hahaha. The coach himself has trouble knuckling the ball.

  5. Eliza MArcu

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  6. ibhasu

    Ronaldo does it all time,and you are good but sorry for telling you this
    but you dont know to knuckle.

  7. Yokstar55555

    The best coach in the world!!! Sarcasm Rocks

  8. alexomcr17

    quien es este imbecil se parece a chofer de las peliculas

  9. 7europeanfootballer7

    Ja die Cristiano Ronaldo Schusstechnik ist schon eine besondere Technik,

  10. Dexter Dysthe

    “the ball didnt rotate unitl it hit the ground.” it was always on the ground

  11. Philipp von Wedelstedt

    Juninho hat nicht aufgehört….

  12. cerazyfilms

    it actually was in the air for a second or 2 u can see in the slow mo replay

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