Slovenia lost the match and crying to fell to the Hell

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From the first match they win Algeria by 1 to , to the final game of two to to the very last minute equalizer by the United States, to the ultimate round of the battle of lifestyle and demise the final second by the U.S. team’ goal, Slovenia became out of the World Cup with a dream of a excellent start off, but reached the end of the tragedy. This younger staff compensated too pricey charge for their youngth. I imagine in the circle Slovenian gamers who waiting in the other match outcomes right after the game, that will be a depressing mood.

Globe Cup is just like this, it was carnival that someone rushed into heaven, while an individual also weeping to the hell. Slovenia need to have a fantastic outcome, but when they in opposition to the United States, the two to resule make them timid and discouraged in the exceptional situation but in a game towards England, the very first 50 percent looks too hasty rash, whilst they need to organize shut line of defense they have been too impulsive, and they hand more than the initiative qualify to somebody else’s fingers. This goal is the most profound recollections of Slovenia that the Entire world Cup left, which is tuition charges they ought to pay.

Hope this is the price they expand up, I hope right after 4 many years they will turn into stronger.Defoe: this night, he is the savior of England

Two consecutive draw will push England crew to the brink of cliff, evolutions have been inevitable, but Capello did not choose to Wayne Rooney as a lone striker, but sent a small man Jermain Defoe as striker and Wayne Rooney are coordinate behind him. The consequence is at the vital instant Jermain Defoe’s aim save England.

Very first appear at Defoe’s objectives. At the 1st 23 minutes in the match, Milner right-sided pass the ball, Defoe defender in the other hand speedy seized shut and shot, despite the other goalkeeper flutter a bit, but Defoe’s shot was as well near, so it can not avoid the ball went into the gate. This is the very first Planet Cup Defoe joined also is his 1st objective he harvested in Globe Cup, despite the fact that four decades in the past Rooney has been in the Planet Cup debut, his very first aim nevertheless does not appear so significantly.

The first 29 minutes the menace that Defoe shot outdoors the restricted region is really large, the other goalkeeper saved the ball slightly. At the beginning of the 2nd half, Defoe has the opportunity to seize the corner of his teammates’ pass and turned about and ejected, the ball somewhat extensive of the appropriate goal post. At the 86 minutes, Capello changed the goal hero Jermain Defoe and permit him appreciate the standing ovation.

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