1. furby714

    @r0710player Don’t Tell me that that’s his Nickname in England? Chichi means Boobie and Titties.

  2. r0710player

    @furby714 hes not tryin! he says chichi thats his nickname!

  3. TheWinnie2010

    @PeterReidy7 lol i was going to type the same thing!! haha

  4. PeterReidy7

    love the way wazza says Chicharito haha watta hero

  5. AstonVilla82thebest

    They are EXPERTS of FABRICATION to both their missus! LOL

  6. yellow2000fluff

    @ShadowkeeperTei Maybe they don’t, but I do!!!

  7. ShadowkeeperTei

    @yellow2000fluff Haven’t you learned by now? Man Utd never say die!

  8. ZambranoC7

    Did anyone notice that after rooney scored he was cursing a shitload like “FUCK YOU,..YOU FUCKERS!!!”
    That was so HILARIOUS!!!XD

  9. jds1991spies

    Never give up, never surrender. Slaughter the opponent. Man YOU, bartle doo

  10. DAYDREAMER6677

    Ryan Giggs is thinking. ‘Wtf is he saying??

  11. grimeprince

    @jamesbuckton123 ok so your basically sayin united are a one man team? they banned drogba when he swore on tv aswell. not only rooney stop crying you twat everyone knows u cant swear directly to the camera where prople are watching

  12. mizofan

    A pity Giggs and Rooney didn’t play in the Cup semi-final, that made the difference

  13. jamess05milan


  14. TheAly78

    giggzyyyyyyyyyyyyy you are the man!!! keep goin..

  15. soccergal10100

    This interview: All Class and a GREAT BIG ASS.
    You figure it out!!!!!

  16. GiveMeABloodyUser

    @ihaveleg it really all up to u… u have mind you decide

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